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What class should I pick? 

Pick whatever class appeals most to your playstyle. Every class is viable, however I would not recommend Thief to new players due to their difficulty.

What class is the best?
User Skill is a big factor when it comes to DPS, So if you are skilled with your class, you will be able to do more DPS than other people regardless of their class. However, in a perfect world where everyone is equally geared and equally skilled… Assassins would be top DPS due to Fatal strikes 100% crit rate buff

Is MapleStory 2 P2W?
No, There is nothing you can buy with merets that will enhance your equipment, The only thing that is really beneficial to your game play is Premium Club which is 490 merets($4.90) a month. https://i.imgur.com/4fAufoA.pnga


What is the fastest way to level 50?
Your main storyline quest should carry you to 1-50 and can take about 4-5 hours. Utilize your mount sprint,air mounts and most importantly… free air taxi service from the premium club benefits. You can skip through trash mobs in many dungeons as well. Keep in mind that all classes can solo main story line. (Note: You can sprint on mount using the basic attack key defaulted x or ctrl)


What do I do after I am lvl 50?

  1. First thing you want to focus on is completing your 10/10 daily dungeon runs before the daily/weekly reset.Timers for the Daily and Weekly reset can be found here: http://maplestory2guide.com/Timers
  2. Life Skilling – You can hoard the mats and do the crafts later (Yes, It’s worth it, try to do all of them.)
  3. Daily Missions Tabs 4,5,6… If you cannot complete them all, focus on getting 300MP for the “Golden Mission Complete Box”
  4. Premium Dungeon 200k ~ mesos per account (Does not count towards dungeon limit)

What is fastest way to lvl 50-60?

Farming world bosses is the fastest way to level up to 60.
I recommend crafting pine mushroom stew from level 4 cooking under the life skill tab, This will give you 50% bonus experience for monsters/fishing/music for 1.5 hours.


How do I get 1500 Gearscore?

Access the Black market on the bottom right and buy a lvl 50 rare weapon (20-30k mesos) OR use your +7 enchant scroll on your 48 top and bottom from main story quest.


Which 1500 Normal Adventure Dungeon do I farm?
I would recommend Tronix Bunker since it is very beginner friendly, simple and easy to do.

But there is no right or wrong… it’s all preference in the end and how fast you can clear it.


How do I get 2100 Gearscore?

The lucky way – Obtain epic items from 1500 Normal Adventure Dungeon.
The farm way – Farm multiple alts into 1500 Dungeons for Onyx Crystal, mesos and Buy/enchant your way to 2100 GS.
The cheese way –  https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingHungryRadishChefFrank

(Note: You will need to still farm some onyx from dailies/dungeons) *Also make sure your party/friends/guild is okay with this.*


Please pace yourself, I’d recommend making multiple characters/alts if you do plan on investing a lot of time. Gearscore is just a number to get into dungeons/raids.

The epics you get are going to be replaced  by the gear you get from 2100 hard adventure dungeons so spend your mesos/onyx crystals wisely!


Where do I get the Trophy Buff?

Go to furnishing mode in your home and search “Scion Of Light” This is a trophy buff that gives you 4% piercing for 1 hour. Grab this buff before you go into dungeons and raids

Which 2100 Hard Aventure Dungeon should I farm?

You decide which chaos raid you want to go to. I suggest you pick one to farm consistently on your main, because after +10 enchantment you will need weapon duplicates to sacrifice and enhance further to +11,+12,+13.
I’d recommend enhancing to +12 no less.
Also most people have the Fire Dragon/Kabo weapon so there will be more Chaos Devorak Raids. Chaos Raids are expected to come out in November.

Fire Dragon = Chaos Devorak

Kabo = Chaos Devorak

Varrekant = Chaos Morc

Balrog = Chaos Morc

Nutaman = Chaos Varrekant

Kandura = Chaos Varrekant


Also recommend alt farming Kandura for the pendant, Nutaman for the earring, and Varrekant for the Wings.


What is Treasure Dungeon?

Treasure dungeon is where you can farm gemstones and accessory/armor re-roll scrolls. Abandoned Mine B1(Requires B1 Key) and Abandoned Mine B4 (Requires B4 Key).

How Do I get B1 and B4 Keys?
You can Identify 1 Rusted Key at Archaeologist Natalie in Tria. The more times you ID the more expensive it gets, so I advise you to ID once per character. (Note: you can transfer and trade rusty keys however, the B1 and B4 keys are bound to character)

Try to complete 5/5 B4 dungeons a week, dont stress too much about B1.

Where Do I get Rusty Keys?
You can find them in wooden/golden treasure chest around the maps, here are some chest locations


What Stats should I pump into?

Strength for Knights, Berserkers, Runebladers Dexterity for Heavy Gunners, Archers, Strikers(not out yet) Intelligence for Wizards, Priests, and Soulbinders(not out yet) and lastly, Luck for Thieves and Assassins

What Settings Do you Use?



What kind of stats am I looking for?



Helmet – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack> Primary Stat

Top – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Primary Stat

Bottom – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Primary Stat

Gloves – Physical/Magical Piercing > Boss Damage > Accuracy > Primary Stat

Shoes – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Movespeed



Belt – Piercing > Crit Damage > Boss Damage > Range/Melee Damage

Ring – Piercing > Accuracy > Crit Damage > Attack Speed > Boss Damage

Necklace – Piercing > Physical/Magical Piercing > Accuracy > Crit Damage > Attack Speed

Cape – Piercing > Crit Damage > Attack Speed > Boss Damage

Earrings – Piercing > Crit Damage > Accuracy > Attack Speed > Boss Damage



Cannon – Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack > Electric Damage

Staff –  Piercing > Magical Piercing > Magic Attack > Fire Damage

Scepter/Codex –  Piercing > Magical Piercing > Magic Attack > Holy Damage

Stars –  Piercing > Crit Damage > Physical Piercing

Blades –  Piercing > Physical > Physical Attack > Electric Damage

Greatsword –  Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack

Daggers –  Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack

Longsword/Shield – Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack

Bow – Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack


Keep in mind that there is no perfect build, There’s too many variables and situational builds… However I can help you with the general meta. Skill resets are free and I encourage you to learn by discovery. You should be versatile and able to improvise builds for multiple raids/dungeons. (!commands to see all the class builds and commands on my channel)


Knight – Dps Knight ,Support Knight 4-Man,  Support Knight 10-Man *credits Saintone*


Berserker – Core Build.


Wizard – Solo Wizard , Raid/Party Wizard: (Also check out !wizmacro )


Priest – Priest Solo Support Raid Build , DPS Priest *credits to Fishing*


Archer – Archer Solo PvE , Party/Raid


Heavy Gunner – Core Build , Pre-Fix


Assassin – Core Build (Also check out !sinmacro) *credits to DPS*

SECONDARY IN DEPTH SIN BUILD : http://bit.ly/TheoryCraftSIN


Thief – Core Build *credits to Friend*


Runeblader – Core Solo DPS , Party/Raid *Credits to MinhCC*

What is Berg Island(Mining) and Alkimi Island(Foraging)?

Once you hit level 5 mining or level 5 Foraging, you unlock a quest over your character portrait that will unlock berg and alkimi island. These islands have all the mining and gathering nodes consolidated in one map.


What is the best pet ?

right now pets aren’t worth investing in as they’re very costly, hold off until we can get purple pets but if you really want to focus on a blue one get piercing(must) and physical/magical piercing, main damage type (ranged, melee, magical), or flat attack/magic attack (dependant on your class)


Where can I get Gemstones?
1) Daily Missions Tab 4

2) Hard Adventure Dungeon drop box

3) Treasure Dungeon


Where can I get Gemdust?
1) Dismantle gemstones

2) Stellar Glass + Obsidian Essence = 1 Gemdust Box (contains 200 gemstone dust of all colors but you can only select 1)


You can buy 5 stellar glass a week per account from Cherri Ring in Tria (Right outside the castle)


How can I farm mesos?

Farming dungeons is one of the best way to farm “Onyx Crystal” which is used to enchant or sell for mesos. You can make multiple alts to grind dungeon since the limit is per character. Also make sure you complete your daily missions and daily premium dungeon (Free 200k daily)


Onyx crystal is basically currency, You can stock up on these and enchant future equipments later on!




Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/saintonelive




AWAKENING SKILLS PREVIEW : https://www.rarenorm.com/lifestyle-blog/maple-story-2-awakening-skills-kms/


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dadrage


https://ayumilove.net/maplestory2-rune-blader/ /

SKILL BUILDhttps://imgur.com/a/pQuLmle

IN-DEPTH BUILD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NRRaqNmeCAq69L2sJ0ey06lJ9UEw3TD4fmh6i0aPVi4/preview#

1500 + 2100 GEAR SCORE GUIDE:


Here’s a leveling guide: 

https://www.meowuniverse.com/epic_quests –

Then here’s an OVERALL guide: 





700k PER HOUR:

300k PER HOUR:








Best attributes on all gears

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