Maple Story 2 The Basics of Treva Farming

The Basics of Treva

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The Basics

  • Treva is farmed through Twisted Pocket Realms, wich are portals that spawn with a reasonably high chance when killing Elites in the level 50+ PvP maps.
  • Inside the Twisted Pocket Realms you will find various events, which will be described later, that will give you anywhere from 30ish Treva up to 400 Treva.
  • The events last anywhere from 40 seconds to 4 minutes, and give rewards accordingly.
  • Most of the Treva obtained is from chests and direct monster drops, which are not character-bound. This means that partying up will make you get less Treva per Twisted Pocket Realm, and thus is not optimal, unless your gear is really bad.

Why should I farm Treva?

  • Treva is used to buy two really cool costumes, two really cool mounts, a blue set of equipment for 1k each piece which includes a Glove with 5.4% Phys/Magic Penetration, and some neat consumables like an Invisibility Potion.
  • While farming Treva, you will also farm quite a bit of raw money (500~750k/hour) and a lot of Lingering Ghosts, which work just like a regular Invisibility Potion (around 100~120 for every 15K Treva farmed).
  • While farming Treva, you can get a lot of Mini-Elixirs, mainly from the Mimics and Rainbow Slimes events.
  • The events which grant Golden Treva Chests have a chance to give parts of the Treva outfit: the Boots, Gloves and Earrings.
  • Farming Treva is a very efficient way of picking up raw Mesos – you get a trophy for picking up 5.000.000 Mesos (around 35K Treva farmed will yield that) which grants you one of the coolest emotes you’ll ever see in a game.

Before you start…

  • Farming Treva is not an easy task, as the mobs and bosses inside those realms are quite beefy and the events are time-limited. If you aren’t geared well enough you won’t be able to complete the events in time and/or will die very frequently.
  • For starters, I’d recommend a minimum of a +11 Purple Weapon for DPS classes. The events are doable with slightly worse gear but the time will be much tighter and you will tilt much easier (remember that farming 15K is a long path!).
  • People have reported farming Treva with Priests, but I encourage you to do it with any other DPS class, as the speed of farming it will be way better.
  • Defense score isn’t quite as important as HP. The more Epic Accessories you have from Harder dungeons, the better. The difference between 35K HP and 50K+ HP is much bigger than the difference between 1.8K Defense and 2.2K+ Defense score.

Managing HP in PvP Maps and Twisted Pocket Realms

  • Your main source of healing is NOT the healing Totems, there are much better alternatives to just waiting on top of them.
  • People with SSDs (fast load times) can simply press N+Enter and go to their houses to heal their HP to full. Going to your House with over the amount of HP you have on regular maps resets you to your regular max HP – hopping back onto the PvP maps then convers your HP back based on the remaining HP percentage, essentially healing you to full health anytime you hop into your house.
  • There’s also an item which can be bought for 100 Blue Stars (100 un., so 1 Star per un.) wich heals you for 10% for every nearby monster, up to 50%. In Twisted Pocket Realms that basically turns into an Elixir for 1 Blue Star, which is really good!

Spawning Twisted Pocket Realms

  • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to randomly kill mobs in the map to make Elite mobs spawn. Elite mobs spawn from certain monster packs only, composed from 1 to 3 mobs, and it’s up to you to discover which packs they spawn from (later on I will detail which packs/maps I like to use). Killing mobs from any other part of the map will do absolutely nothing to spawn Elite mobs.
  • Also contrary to popular belief, spawning the portals is completely random, and is not gated by a minimum number of mobs you need to kill – anyone that has farmed this can easily verify this by spawning two, three or more portals in a row once in a while. By my experience (not documented) I feel the spawn rate is around 20% for each killed Elite mob.
  • Elite mobs are signaled in your map by small red dots.

Which Map to choose

  • A very popular map is the Obsidian Mount, but I don’t like using that map as the terrain demands climbing very oftenly and tons of players do dailies/farm Treva in that map.
  • The map I use is the Cozalita Graveyard. It’s layout is great, with minimal climbing, and you can traverse between Elite spawns very easily.
  • Here’s a link to the five Elite mob spawns I frequently use in this map. You only need to kill the mobs in the exact areas highlighted, areas nearby won’t influence Elite mobs spawn rate.
  • All maps which include Elite mobs are viable and it’s mostly a matter of personal preference, you just gotta map out which mobs you need to kill to spawn the Elites.

Extra Tips and Questions

  • If you want to be efficient, don’t engage or engage as little as possible in PvP. An extra player in your map means that you are likely to share your TPR rewards with him, as PvP is disabled inside TPRs and they can enter them at will. There is no shame in changing channels to combat the eventual unpolite channel invasion.
  • How much Treva did you farm per hour? I farmed about 2K to 2,5K Treva per hour, depending on the luck I got with Golden Chests.
  • How much time did you take to farm the whole 46K? I farmed the first 30K on this weekend, and the remaining 16K during the week – I work a 9-5 job so I had about 3:30 hours each day to farm.
  • What was your GS/Character Window while farming Treva? Here is a link to my character window. I did the whole ordeal with a +12 Murphagot Weapon, and I refined the armor set and bought the lube horns during the farm.
  • Why do I keep seeing the Treva Gloves being refined up to +15? Those gloves give a very high Phys/Magical Penetration ratio and are really cheap. They also don’t cost any duplicates and only 1 Chaos Onyx to refine past +9, so it’s very easy to put them at +15. When they are refined to +15 they have a similar GS and Defense ratio to a +9 Epic set of Gloves (from Hard Dungeons). I highly recommend using them over the epic set of gloves.

Events inside Twisted Pocket Realms

Short Events (40 seconds)

  • Rainbow Slimes: Each Rainbow Slime has 40 HP, take only 1 Damage from all hits, and spawn four smaller Slimes on death. Killing a Rainbow Slime drops 50 Treva, and each subsequent smaller Slime grant 25 Treva. The smaller the Slimes get, the faster they run away from you. Every 1 point of damage dealt makes them drop raw Mesos and has a chance for them to drop a Mini-Elixir. I recommend killing two (or more) big Slimes, as the event timer is short, and that yields the most Treva. Use all your multi-hit abilities – in my case, since I’m using a Runeblader, I switch to the Fire enchantment to make the slimes burn and deal multiple small hits.
  • Mimics: The objective is to kill three Mimics in the map, signalled by a red dot on the minimap. Each Mimic drop from 10 to 50 Treva, randomly, and has a chance of dropping a Mini-Elixir on death. They run away from you on sight, so save your ground skills for when they stop running away.

Chest Events (2-3 minutes, spawns 4 chests on completion wich totals in content 120 Treva, 20K raw Mesos and a random amount of Lingering Ghosts. Has a small chance of spawning 4 Golden Chests instead on completion.)

  • Totem: The objective is to kill the Totem on the center of the map. Once you start attacking it, it will spawn various Elites and all the regular mobs in a very large area will start attacking you. It is the mission in which you will take the most damage due to the sheer amount of mobs that are attacking you, so make good use of your healing options.
  • Three Elite Mobs: The objective is to kill three Elite mobs marked on your map by red dots. I recommend luring them all together to speed up the fight.
  • Waves of Enemies: Once you approach the seemingly free 4 boxes, they disappear and waves of enemies start attacking you – defeat them all to access the boxes. The first wave is composed of random PvP-Maps regular mobs, the second one of 5 random PvP-Maps Elites and the fifth one of a stronger Elite.

Golden Chest Events (4 minutes, bosses with around 4KK HP)

  • Mammu: A plague-doctor-like boss wich attacks mostly by throwing poison flasks at you and shooting his pistol. As the other fight, really straight forward, just approach him whenever he dashes and keep smacking him in the face. Doesn’t have enough damage to kill you in the 4 minutes if you have over 50k HP. After about half of his health he spawns a green circle that follows you and slows your move speed and damages you constantly – if you are a ranged class, try to avoid stepping on it. If you are a melee class, just don’t bother and keep hitting him.
  • Beelzeboo: Basically a huge fly in armour, he dashes less frequently than Mammu and his attacks are mostly punches. Also doesn’t have enough DPS to kill you in 4 minutes when you have over 50K HP. He will sometimes fly up in the air and ground pound at a different location, knocking you back. The keypoint here is that you can damage him while he is airborne, just hit him as if he was on the ground.

I think this covers most of what I’ve learned about farming Treva. Feel free to point out any mistakes and/or things I missed so I can add them on the guide.

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