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What kind of stats am I looking for?


Helmet – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack> Primary Stat

Top – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Primary Stat

Bottom – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Primary Stat

Gloves – Physical/Magical Piercing > Accuracy > Primary Stat

Shoes – Boss Damage > Accuracy > Physical/Magic Attack > Movespeed


Belt – Piercing  > Boss Damage > Range/Melee Damage > Crit Damage

Ring – Piercing  > Boss Damage > Accuracy > Crit Damage > Attack Speed

NecklacePiercing > Physical/Magical Piercing > Accuracy > Crit Damage > Attack Speed

Cape – Piercing > Boss Damage > Crit Damage > Attack Speed

Earrings – Piercing > Boss Damage > Accuracy  > Crit Damage > Attack Speed


Cannon – Piercing  > Physical Attack > Physical Piercing > Electric Damage

Staff –  Piercing  > Magic Attack > Magical Piercing > Fire Damage

Scepter/Codex –  Piercing > Magical Piercing > Magic Attack   > Holy Damage

Stars –  Piercing > Crit Damage > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack

Blades –  Piercing  > Physical Attack > Physical Piercing> Electric Damage

Greatsword –  Piercing  > Physical Attack > Physical Piercing

Daggers –  Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack  

Longsword/Shield – Piercing > Physical Piercing > Physical Attack

Bow – Piercing  > Physical Attack > Physical Piercing > Fire Damage

For Stars,Scepters/Codex, Longsword/Shield, Daggers: I recommend only having double piercing on 1 mainhand/offhand.

Why is Accuracy so important?

  • The effects of Accuracy are not so apparent at level 50 Hard Adventure Dungeon content and lower. But as you advance to Chaos Dungeons starting in November, the Evasion on enemies is noticeably higher. Missing % of hits is the near-equivalent of missing that much of your damage on an enemy. Historically, you need roughly 96 Accuracy for 100% hit rate on level 50 Chaos content, and as high as 110 for level 60 Chaos content. You don’t need 100% Accuracy, but the closer you can get without sacrificing damage the better. Accuracy is why items like Kandura’s Pendant are so powerful, and why we always use at least one Accuracy gemstone for high-end raids. You can always check your Accuracy over a period of time against an opponent by using the Personal Performance Meter and changing the metric to Hit Rate.

What is the difference between Piercing and Physical/Magic Piercing?

  • Piercing counters Defense while Physical/Magic Piercing counters Physical/Magic Resistance. Monsters as of right now don’t have particularly very high resistance, and you won’t really see as much of an effect with this stat for now. Come November and Chaos raids, the bosses do have resistance you’ll want to pierce through. Piercing is typically the far stronger stat.

What makes Piercing good?

  • It has some of the best return on investment when it comes to yield. The more Piercing you have, the more powerful the stat is. The stat provides roughly a 42% increase in damage output when reaching the hidden cap of 30%.

What makes Physical/Magic Attack good?

  • This stat is a final multiplier that increases your total damage output. Changes to this stat (usually by your main stat) will reflect in your total damage. Increasing this stat by 25% will increase your total damage by 25%, and vice versa. Due to this, there is a semblance of diminishing return the more you have.

How much of a difference does a single weapon upgrade make?

  • Weapon Attack is also a final multiplier. Increasing your current Weapon Attack by 50% will also increase your total damage output by 50%. Because higher enhancements have considerably higher Weapon Attack bonuses, this makes the upper enhancements (e.g. +12-15) much more powerful than previous enhancements.

Why is Boss Damage so good on armor, but not on weapons?

  • Because you generally get a lot more Boss Damage on armors that is enough to outweigh the amount of yield you could get from the alternative stat; Physical/Magical Attack or main stat. On weapons, the amount of Boss Damage you get is not enough, making it a good stat but not the best stat.

Which gemstones should we use?

  • For now, just use Offense Gemstone (Bonus Attack). By November, make sure to have at least one Accuracy Gemstone equipped. In the distant future, you will use a mix of 1-2 Accuracy Gemstone, Offense Gemstone, and Main Stat Gemstone. This shift in gemstone selection comes way later on with level 60+ content.

How does Bonus Attack work?

  • Depending on your class and current weapon tier, Bonus Attack is converted into Weapon Attack. Every class has a different ratio.

How is Critical Chance calculated?

  • For now, roughly every 10 Critical Rate = 1% Crit Chance. There is slight diminishing returns on this. About 460 Critical Rate will let you reach the 40% Crit Chance cap. In future content, enemies do have Critical Resistance, and to reach 40% Crit Chance at the highest tier content requires as high as 850 Critical Rate. You can always check your Critical Chance over a period of time against an opponent by using the Personal Performance Meter and changing the metric to Critical Chance.

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