MapleStory 2 Free Cosmetic Guide

MapleStory 2 Free Cosmetic Guide

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Life skills: you can get like 4 full sets just by doing your life skills !  

Fishing: you can catch weapon skins that you can sell and different fishing outfits.

Treva: you can farm up treva in the twisted pocket realm and exchange it for

Rues: can be collected from daily Allicari quests and Daily Missions

Dungeons: normal dungeons will give you some awesome fashion to wear you just have to collect a certain amount of pieces.

Spin wheel: there is a free maple blue slime set found at maple hill

Monopoly: maple hill gives your a free set of clothes for 50 go arounds

Free Templates: Are obtained via maple guide quest , log in bonuses.

Dallies: Free hair and face coupons, dyes


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