Normal Pets

Normal pets, as opposed to combat pets, do not accumulate experience nor provide buffs during battle, but instead have extra inventory space that can be used while the pet is summoned. These pets can generally be obtained through certain events or offerings.

Pet Taming

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Level 50 Maplers can begin taming monsters around the world that have the “Hungry” tag in front of their name. To easily see if a map has a hungry monster, look for small blue dots on the Mini Map.

Monsters have a sweet tooth, so you’ll need Dryad Pet Candy to entice them so they’ll let their guard down and approach you.

Throw the candy at “hungry” monsters you find to make them like you. When you increase their fondness enough (bar above their head will fill up), they become “docile,” and you can try to capture them.

Place a Dryad G1 Snare, Dryad G2 Snare, or Dryad G3 Snare on the floor and guide them to the trap. If a “docile” monster steps on the snare, they are captured and become your pet. However, if a “hungry” monster steps on the snare, it will break.

Once caught, the pet will be displayed in your inventory. Double click on the pet to summon them and add them to your Pet Album.


Currently, pets come in Normal, Rare, Exceptional, and Epic grades, which is influenced by the grade of Dryad Snare used, although pets dropped from Dungeons are guaranteed to be Exceptional.

Pet Bonuses

Depending on the rarity, your pet will receive various talents and level up bonuses. Bonus talents include but are not limited to Movement Speed, Physical Piercing, Health, and Attack Speed.

Rating Talents Bonus Talents
Normal +9 Attack Bonus on level up, max of 450 None
Rare +15 Attack Bonus on level up, max of 750 1 bonus talent, unlocked at pet level 50
Exceptional +21 Attack Bonus on level up, max of 1050 2 bonus talents, unlocked at pet level 30 and 50
Epic +34 Attack Bonus on level up, max of 1700 3 bonus talents, unlocked at pet level 10, 30, and 50

Leveling Pets

While some pets are unable to level, the ones that can continue leveling until a max level of 50. Pets gain miniscule amounts of experience from the player killing monsters; however, the best way to level your pet is to use the pet fusion option, which allows you to “feed” other pets to your chosen pet to increase its experience dramatically. You can receive bonus experience from the fusion bonus, which gives you bonus experience for the first 24 pets used to fuse with your pet and is shared across all pets. This bonus resets daily at Midnight (daily reset).

If you do get a new pet that you would rather use instead of another, don’t worry! You can fuse it with your old pet to make full use of the experience your old pet had.

The amount of EXP for pets is as follows:

Pet Grade EXP Needed every Level
Normal 22,000 EXP
Rare 55,000 EXP
Exceptional 90,000 EXP
Epic 90,000 EXP

Available Pets

Icon Name Type Species Habitat / How to Obtain
Item 61000026 Icon.png Baby Boar (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Crooked CanyonCrooked CanyonNorth Royal RoadNorth Royal Road
Item 61000059 Icon.png Baby Coli (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Turtcoli CaveTurtcoli Cave
Item 61000041 Icon.png Baby Moonbear (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Crooked CanyonHushwood Vale
Item 61000079 Icon.png Balrog (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon Temple of Immortals
Item 61000016 Icon.png Birk (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Beachway 111Beachway 111Boulderwhite MountainsBoulderwhite MountainsLavaworksLavaworks
Item 61000084 Icon.png Block Golem Y (Combat Pet) Combat Inanimate Ludibrium Crater
Item 61000019 Icon.png Cerbe (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Cathy Mart ShowroomFairy Tree LakeKerning InterchangeRevoldic Dam
Item 61000098 Icon.png Contaminated Gelime (Combat Pet) Combat Spirit Kerning JunkyardKerning JunkyardRevoldic DamRevoldic Dam
Item 61000005 Icon.png Duckling (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Berrysweet CastleBerrysweet Castle
Item 60000043 Icon.png Fluffy Ram Normal Other This pet was the reward for Founder’s Daily Wonders Day 5.
Item 61000033 Icon.png Frost Fang (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Aurora LaboratoryAurora LaboratoryExpedition BaseExpedition BaseFrostheartFrostheartIgloo HillIgloo Hill
Item 50200617 Icon.png Halloween Carriage Normal Other The Halloween Carriage is a pet available during the 2018 Halloween event. This pet can be bought for 100 Pumpkin Coins from the NPC Pumpkini, who is located up the stairs and to the right in the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel Map inside Queenstown.
Item 61000047 Icon.png Homegrown Mushroom (Combat Pet) Combat Plant Fairy Tree LakeFairy Tree LakeRevoldic DamRevoldic DamWhisperstone ThicketWhisperstone Thicket
Item 61100020 Icon.png Kabo (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon Labyrinthine Halls
Item 61100040 Icon.png Kandura (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon BeyondLink Tris
Item 61000099 Icon.png Koborc (Combat Pet) Combat Humanoid Barrota ShoreBarrota Shore
Item 61000009 Icon.png Lil Boogie (Combat Pet) Combat Spirit Magma Research StationMagma Research StationRaptor Dive PassRaptor Dive Pass
Item 60000052 Icon.png Little Pumky Normal Other The Little Pumky Pet is an reward in the 2018 Halloween event quest “Raising Pumky”. The Pumky pet can only be obtained after raising your Pumky’s growth level to 500. This can be achieved by feeding the Pumky Nest with Pumpkin Pie Feed, and other user’s playing with your Pumky within your home.Player’s are encouraged to feed their Pumky and play with other people’s Pumky to earn additional Pumpkin Coins, which can be exchanged with the Pumpkini (NPC) inside the Bloody Mon Chouchou Hotel in Queenstown.
Item 61000096 Icon.png Lupin (Combat Pet) Combat Beast Crooked CanyonCrooked Canyon
Item 61000046 Icon.png Needler (Combat Pet) Combat Plant Suffering Wasteland
Item 61100090 Icon.png Nutaman (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon Rune Temple
Item 61100010 Icon.png Pyrros Fard (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon The Fire Dragon
Item 61000007 Icon.png Red Snail (Combat Pet) Combat Insect Royal Road PlazaRoyal Road Plaza
Item 61000002 Icon.png Slime (Combat Pet) Combat Spirit Fairy Tree LakeLudibrium CraterSylvan Woods Trail
Item 60000032 Icon.png Strong Piggy Normal Other Complete the Event Quest: Pet Mania.
Item 61000018 Icon.png Stump (Combat Pet) Combat Plant Ludibrium CraterRevoldic DamSylvan Woods Trail
Item 61000029 Icon.png Tree Sprite (Combat Pet) Combat Fairfolk Boulderwhite MountainsBoulderwhite Mountains
Item 61000077 Icon.png Twingo (Combat Pet) Combat Humanoid Barrota ShoreBarrota ShoreLavaworksLavaworks
Item 61000100 Icon.png Twingoo (Combat Pet) Combat Humanoid LavaworksLavaworks
Item 61100030 Icon.png Varrekant (Combat Pet) Combat Special Drop from the Dungeon Lubelisk
Item 61000067 Icon.png Veil Ox (Combat Pet) Combat Devil Crystalfrost WallCrystalfrost WallFrostpeak MountainFrostpeak MountainKabrium BasinKabrium BasinSnowscarf HavenSnowscarf Haven
Item 61000097 Icon.png Woodi (Combat Pet) Combat Plant North Royal RoadNorth Royal Road

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