MapleStory 2 Runeblade PVP GUIDE! 

In MapleStory 2, only the Wizard and Runeblade can be manipulated. Runeblade combines the advantages of Warrior and Wizard. His skills are not only Cool, but the damage of skills is also high enough in PVP, which makes many players fall in love with this profession.

Because Runeblade’s advantage in PVE is not very big, so there are not many people playing, but the Runeblade in PVP is still very fun.

First, the ability of Runeblade in PVP (out of 5 stars)
Output: ★★★★
Control ability: ★★★★★
Output environment: ★★★★★
Attack type: melee/remote attack, physical attack, ice fire mine attribute attack.

Second, the main skills of Runeblade in PVP
1. Ice, fire, thunder (active skills): Ice fire thunder can not only break out the hidden power of Runeblade but also strengthen
The output of each attribute allows these three attributes to be maintained for 240 seconds, which can increase the damage of Fire, Ice, and Lightning by up to 19%. There can only be one of the three attribute drivers, and if you use other attributes, the original attributes will be replaced.
Skills Comments: In PVP, the most important output attribute is the ice attribute, but the fire attribute and the  Lightning attribute are also essential in PVP. The fire attribute can give the enemy a BUFF that continues to drop blood. The Lightning attribute increases the speed of movement under the blessing of the Potential of the Month.

2. Ice- Echoing Blade: Echoing Blade in the cold state, causing 62% of the ice damage to the front 4.5 meters, 7 times, reducing the enemy’s movement speed by 30% and jumping power by 30%. This skill is recommended to add 3 points, mainly to the opponent to slow down the BUFF.

Skills Review: Ice- Echoing Blade is the longest and best-performing skill in Frost Sigil for the enemy debuff, so don’t forget to use this skill.

3. Ice-Impact: Deals a huge amount of damage to the enemy. This ability is better with Gravity Rune.

Skills Comments: Gravity Rune and Impact are the tricks. Gravity Rune instantly sucks the enemy into the middle and then attacks the enemy with Impact.

4. Whirling Blades: 7.5 meters to the front, the nearest enemy has fired 3 elements of the ice, causing 170% damage to the ice, causing 170% damage to the ice in 3 seconds. %, the jumping power is reduced by 15%. Frost damage is affected by magical attacks.

Skills Comments: Ice Whirling Blades is the most important output skill in PVP. At the same time, this skill can reduce the speed of others in a short time, but the effect is not much lower than Echoing Blade.

5. Illusory Blades: Summon 5 Rune Swords around you, and each time a Rune Sword flies toward the nearest enemy within 7.5 meters radius, causing medium damage.

Skills Comments: This skill is only practical in PVP. In PVE, the amount of damage is insufficient. It can be said that it is the exclusive skill in PVP. The opponent may see that Rune Sword will stay away from you. It is best not to jump when summoning Illusory Blades, because you may not be able to hit the enemy when you jump.

6. Ice-Rune Shield: Use Rune Magic to create a magical array around the body for 9 seconds, increasing physical/magic resistance by 100 and absorbing up to 12% of your own maximum health.

Skill Review: Flame and Lightning Rune Shield can’t resist the damage, but the Frost Rune Shield can,
The Rune Run Shield effect is weaker than the Wizard’s Magic Armor.

7. Rune Focus: After the three attributes are activated, the damage of the three attributes is increased and some features are added. The flame attribute increases the maximum life; the ice attribute increases the defense; the lightning attribute increases the avoidance and movement speed.

Skill Review: Passive skills that improve output in the later stages are also important skills for a flexible change of attributes.

8. Blade Chasm: Charge forward 7.5 m, splitting the ground with your blade to deal 53% damage to 5 enemies in your path. The split explodes, dealing 106% damage to 8 enemies in range. This skill attunes with your Flame, Frost, and Storm Sigil skills. Consumes 40 spirit., Charge forward 7.5 m, splitting the ground with your blade to deal 53% fire damage to 5 enemies in your path. Leaves behind a trail of fire for 5 sec, dealing 52% fire damage to 8 enemies in range every 0.5 sec. The trail’s damage is based on your magic attack. Consumes 40 spirit., Charge forward 7.5 m, splitting the ground with your blade to deal 53% ice damage to 5 enemies in your path. Shards of ice burst from the chasm, dealing 94% ice damage to 8 enemies within 1.5 m. The shards’ damage is based on your magic attack. Consumes 40 spirit., Charge forward 7.5m, splitting the ground with your blade to deal 83% electric damage to 5 enemies in your path. Thunderbolts trail behind 0.5 sec later, dealing 573% electric damage to 5 enemies in range. The thunderbolts’ damage is based on your magic attack. Consumes 40 spirit.

USE: No physical exertion, long-distance displacement skills, can cause a small amount of damage, mainly used to avoid.

Third, PVP does not recommend the skills used
1. Honing Rune: mainly to increase crit damage to the team, not practical in PVP, is a PvE skill, crit damage can’t be 150% higher in PVP.
2.Blade Mastery: Skills that need to be selected later, if there are few skill points, it is recommended not to add.
3.Flurry: No SP consumption skills, low damage.

Fourth, Runeblade PVP plus points
The skills that must be filled in PVP are Whirling Blade, Rune Shield, Frost Sigil, Impact Illusory Blades.

Five, Runeblade PVP attribute selection
The primary choice in PVP is attack speed, which will help you release your skills. Second, The defense penetration property is the second choice and can increase its output.

In addition, Runeblade’s fashion gem selection is quite special, and Runeblade’s fashion crystal recommended attributes use power attributes instead of physical attacks. Runeblade has a passive skill called Rune Balance that increases intelligence by 70% of its own power.

Six, Runeblade’s output methods and techniques in PVP
1. Use Blink to cancel the switch after three attribute drivers, saving time.
2. Switch the fire properties, use Whirling Blades to let the enemy continue to lose blood for 10 seconds.
3. Ice-Rune Shield can absorb small and medium-sized injuries for a long time and can be used beforehand.
4. Gravity Rune immediately uses Impact after sucking the enemy, which is very high damage.
5. The Whirling Blades of the ice is 3 meters more than other attributes, with a strong deceleration.

Output method: Start with the enemy first, use Flame Sigil to give the enemy a continuous blood buff, then switch to the Frost Sigil to get away from the enemy and then hit time with Whirling Blades to slow them down. When the enemy is approaching, you can use Blade Chasm, then give the enemy a Gravity Rune, then use Ice-Impact or Echoing Blade to escape. If you are eager to stay away from the enemy, you can use Lighting Build for the movement speed and mobility.

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