Maplestory 2 World Boss Spawn Schedule

Maplestory 2 World Boss Spawn Schedule

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The spawn schedule for MS2 World Bosses can be seen in the table below, the format XX:30, means that the particular World Boss will spawn at 04:30, 05:30, 06:30, and so on, every hour.

World Boss Name Level Map Name Spawn Time
Furious Baphomet 40 Reflection Castle XX:05
Doondun 15 Kerning Junkyard XX:05
Ikar Morde 50 Frozencrest XX:05
Lo and Moomoo 32 Baum Tree XX:05
Acreon 50 Lavender Island XX:05
Heartless Baphomet 50 Frostpeak Mountain XX:15
Ureus 50 Nazkar Pyramid XX:15
Griffin 23 Frostheart XX:15
Griffina 30 Trinian Crossing XX:25
Toh and Googoo 43 Whistler Cliffs XX:25
Giant Turtle 18 Beachway 111 XX:35
Vayar Gatekeeper 35 Precipice Fortress XX:35
Alpha Turtle 37 Ellua Riverside XX:40
Lernos 40 Twilight Moon Castle XX:45
MK 52 Alpha 27 Neuron DNA Research Center XX:45
Devilin Warrior 21 South Royal Road XX:55
Amadon 50 Ludari Arena XX:55
Devilin Chief (after Devilin Warrior dies) 24 South Royal Road XX:55
Pekanos 47 Fractured Canyon XX:55

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