Monster Hunter World’s Elder Dragon Lunastra and New Gear is Now Available

Monster Hunter World's Elder Dragon Lunastra and New Gear is Now Available

Lunastra the Elder Dragon is descending on Monster Hunter World today as part of the game’s next free update. The hunt will go live today, May 30, at 5pm PT/8pm ET on all available consoles.

Lunastra is the next free hunt added to the game following the Deviljho and Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. Players might recognize Lunastra from Monster Hunter 2, but the Elder Dragon’s appearance in Monster Hunter World is far deadlier. For starters Lunastra can team up with another Elder Dragon, Teostra, for double trouble. So you better have a full party before even attempting to take her on.

Here’s a brief teaser trailer for Lunastra.

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Like always, taking down Lunastra will reward hunters with rare new materials to craft specific new armor and weapons. And yes, you’ll be able to craft Palico armor using materials gathered from Lunastra as well, so don’t worry about leaving your feline companion out.

For more on the Lunastra hunt, check out our Monster Hunter World Lunastra hunt guide which includes locations and strategies for how to best take down the latest Elder Dragon. You can also check out our Monster Hunter World review if you haven’t yet taken the trip to Capcom’s latest monster-filled frontier.

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