Oceanic League of Legends Groups Continue to Allegedly Screwing Over Players

The previous Tainted Minds lineup in their group dwelling from a online video revealed by Riot Video games

Riot’s Oceania Division proceeds to be engulfed in controversy, with League of Legends groups Tainted Minds and Regicide each staying accused of shady behavior.

In February, the greater part of Tainted Minds, which include the coach, left their group dwelling, alleging disorders that were each unsafe—mold, sanitation issues—and produced for a inadequate function environment—no desktops and a inadequate internet. Very last week Riot uncovered that Tainted Minds experienced violated their contractual obligations, fining them $7000 AUD. They were also handed a 6 month competitive probation, but not banned outright due to the fact of “efforts in very good religion to right ongoing problems.”

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