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Each time you start a match in Overkill’s The Walking Dead, you get to select a specific tool. You can choose between Lockpick, Mechanics Kit, Wire Cutter, Power Kit and Chem Kit. Each has different potential uses and benefits, but it’s usually best to try and ensure your group has 4 different tools for each match.

How To Unlock More Tools In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

To unlock more tools you need to progress through the game until you unlock Camp Upgrades. From there, you can unlock upgrades for The Hub, Depot, The Range, Radio and Clinic. Each of these different branches of your camp can be upgraded further to offer new bonuses and improvements.

One of these upgrades, in the lower right for each section, is a brand new tool. That’s How To Unlock More Tools In Overkill’s The Walking Dead.


Barricading doors is very useful and very simple. Once a door is barricaded, it gives the door additional health points. This makes it much more difficult for enemies and walkers to break through it, but be careful. It also means you cannot use the door without removing the barricade, so don’t trap yourself inside.

How To Barricade Doors In Overkill’s The Walking Dead

To Barricade a door is simple. Close the door and then look at it. You need to center your perspective on the top of the door, just below the door frame. You will then see an on-screen notification telling you what button you need to press to deploy the barricade. On PC, it is F.

You do not need materials and any class or character is able to do it. That’s How To Barricade Doors In Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

I soloed very hard. Here are some great tips.

(Hell or high water btw)

The biggest advice I could give to anyone is this: HEALTH determines how you survive against the family, but STAMINA determines how well you survive against walkers.

It’s impossible to win on higher difficulties without more health. It just poofs away too fast.

With that said, stamina is very important later on since SHOVING is the most useful tool at your disposal. The main point of shoving is to give you invincibility frames, which lasts for almost 1.5-2 seconds. The second point of shoving is to move walkers away from where you want to sprint.

It doesn’t matter how much health you have against walkers. So long as you have a full bar, you can always shove them away. Don’t chance it, your time is too precious and seconds staying in place means you get swarmed.

Save your toolkit items for making more paths instead of for loot. Pray that the RNG gods bless you with openable doors, because thats the main way I won. You can keep running the horde in circles no matter how big, so long as you have all routes open.

Imagine this game as a love triangle, between you, the walkers and the family. You’re the one trying not to get fucked. Your best friend are the walkers, who will end up eating the family. Your second best friend is the heavy. Heavy + walkers = easy stroll right by.

Don’t bother going silent. As soon as you can, try and release as many zombies at the start to distract the family. The regular goons are the ones who you should be afraid of.

Walkers spawn wherever you are. If you’re next to family, and they’re making noise, they’ll go after them for the most part. If you’re alone, they’ll go after you. This works in your favor, since if you’re running around the map the horde will disappear so it can spawn next to you.

This means at areas like second checkpoint, if there’s a horde blocking the one way path, you can probably just run straight to the beginning, wait a few, then sprint through the gate just fine.

If you see family running, try and get a shot off on them. You’ll end up stunning them, allowing you free hits. You can even finish them off with melee. Ammo is somewhat precious, since family are pretty much bullet sponges on this mode, so I recommend using your melee weapon when you can.

Some obvious pointers…

Juke, dont shoot the bloaters. It’s a waste of ammo. Bait them into blowing up and dodge before they hurt you.

Grab the purifier parts and dump them on the truck, THEN shoot the flare so you can safely pick them up.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to turn on item highlights in the options menu.

Any other questions?

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