Overwatch Professional Sets Up Surprise Assault By Balancing Winston On A Roof

There are a good deal of “correct” ways to engage in Winston. Dive into the again line, tear up a healer, throw down a shield, etcetera. LuxuryWatch Blue participant Track “Janus” Jun-hwa’s approach was not “correct.” That did not, having said that, stop it from getting effective.

In a recent APEX time three match in opposition to CB Spirit, Janus jumped onto a roof in the vicinity of Volskaya’s to start with seize issue. Then he just… stayed there, mid-leap animation, on the lookout like a mix amongst a basketball participant pulling off the dunk of their dreams and Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

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Goofy on the lookout? You betcha. But in professional matches, gamers rarely pull off gutsy moves just for laughs. Janus’ prolonged dangle time also afforded him a strategic advantage, allowing him to wait around right until the best instant to pounce and deal hurt using both of those his lightning gun and the leap by itself, which harms nearby enemies on landing. In this circumstance, he managed to capture CB Spirit by surprise and knock off their Zenyatta in advance of they even understood what strike them (trace: neither fowl nor airplane, but MOON APE). As Dot Esports points out, he even managed to leap once more straight away right after, for the reason that his leap cooldown timer reset though he was chilling out on the roof.

Janus ended up using the maneuver an additional time on Volskaya, once more to good influence. Minutes right after the to start with time he did it, Janus the moment once more caught CB Spirit off-guard, leaping in just as they ended up building a thrust with a Winston of their very own.

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Just like that, he took out the other team’s Mercy, leaving their Winston surrounded and healer-fewer. Not only that, he mowed down Mercy just as she was heading for a group resurrect, which would’ve posed all kinds of other challenges.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, here’s some sage guidance: In Overwatch as in existence, really do not forget about to appear up. There could possibly be apes.

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