Overwatch&#039s New Moon Map Is Heaven For Snipers

Room is the location, and as of yesterday, a new Overwatch map. Overwatch unveiled its Lunar Colony assault map on to its public take a look at realm and it’s definitely a new and uncharted frontier. It is a labyrinthine maze of hallways, obstacles and facet-rooms—pulled jointly by two regulate points—that’s themed following an deserted moon base where the gorilla hero Winston at the time lived. Kotaku tried out it out and has some early impressions.

Lunar Colony has a ton going on. It is total of small facts, like posters and botany experiments, and players can see a grayish moonscape outside the base’s windows. It is also received numerous platforms and enclaves, which suggests it’s difficult to hold observe of opponents and teammates alike. Those people rooms and a tangle of pathways and balconies line the most important points. Due to the fact of that, Lunar Colony doesn’t have substantially in the way of “flow,” and playing on it, I uncovered myself thinking where players will carve out designated attack routes.

The to start with place is contained inside a gymnasium facility bordered by a climbing wall. An open region with numerous entry points from the ground amount and next tale stands in between attackers and defenders. It is not a difficult place to consider, in aspect, since defending it felt like playing whack-a-mole. Being jointly and plugging up the point’s a lot of vulnerabilities would be a problem without consistent conversation. Objective B has a several additional choke points—in the vein of Hanamura—and not as a lot of next-tale entries into the goal region. But on its balcony, a Soldier seventy six could easily mow down an enemy workforce with his final ability.

The blend of minimal and significant ground makes the map fantastic for snipers. I received headshotted a ton defending the to start with place, equally from near up and far away near enemy spawn. Widowmaker or Hanzo’s detection skills can also enable teammates identify enemies in Lunar Colony’s a lot of small rooms. Of training course, since it’s Winston’s map and a regulate place, Winston wrecks listed here. With his final, he won’t be booping men and women off edges listed here, but he can successfully drive enemies off the next regulate place.

A minimal-gravity moonscape borders the map. Gamers often wanted to soar up and down and have enjoyable in place I wanted to shoot them mid-air with Sombra. Like with Oasis’s soar pad, I never see what sensible use the moonscape will have. But it is actually, actually enjoyable.

At last, players are locating numerous Easter eggs on Lunar Colony. The attacking team’s spawn place has a telescope where you can notice Earth. Various tire swings hanging from the to start with point’s ceiling make enjoyable perform places for Winston. Definitely, players will uncover bits of lore in the map’s activity logs, car diagrams and posters.

The to start with iteration of Lunar Colony—because, try to remember, it’s just on the PTR now—is an exciting, nuanced map that will consider a while for players to grasp. I’m not yet its largest admirer, in aspect, since I’m so enamored of Overwatch’s new maps like Oasis that enable additional round motion styles (Hi, I am a Roadhog most important). But for snipers and Winston mains especially, Lunar Colony will be a handle. 

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