Persona 5 Gets A Compact Transform To Steer clear of More Controversy In South Korea

[Picture: Atlus]

When PlayStation Korea uploaded the Persona 5 title sequence for the game’s future release in the state, admirers found anything: Ryuji Sakamoto’s footwear.

As History China reviews, admirers have been upset that his footwear depicted a Rising Sun Flag motif. Clearly, thanks to historical associations Korean persons have with that flag, there will surely be increased sensitivity to that type of imagery.

Here’s a near up of Ryuji’s footwear in-match. [Picture: Kotaku]

This wasn’t the very first time the sneakers brought about controversy in South Korea. Previous calendar year, when the match was originally produced in Japan, the footwear have been the subject matter of Korean online content and heated on the web conversations. (You can examine more about why this character may well have this imagery on his sneakers suitable right here.)

Still, the opening uploaded to PlayStation Korea’s formal YouTube channel appeared to present that this component of the match wasn’t localized for Korean gamers—which was essentially fairly stunning.

PlayStation Korea, nevertheless, has given that re-upped the title sequence, and Ryuji’s sneakers no longer have the Rising Sun mark. Instead, they are entirely white, as you can see beneath.

PlayStation Korea explained to IT Media that it experienced accidentally uploaded the title sequence that wasn’t the Korean version. It also added that it experienced already adjusted the footwear out of thought for the country’s Persona admirers.

Persona 5 will be produced in South Korea on June 8.

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