Pete Hines Reveals More on Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls, and More | E3 2018

Pete Hines Reveals More on Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls, and More | E3 2018

Pete Hines Reveals More on Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls, and More | E3 2018

Pete Hines stops by the GameSpot stage to discuss Fallout 76, Battle Royale, The Elder Scrolls, and Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

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GameSpot - last year

Which big Bethesda game has you most excited?

Di Ce - last year

I'm still worried about the PvP aspect of Fallout 76, especially judging from some of the comments on here. There seem to be a lot of players who are simply out to ruin other people's experience and there need to be strong measures to stop that from happening. I've played MMOs with bounty systems and multiple servers but that doesn't really solve the problem because if you get killed and you change servers, you may be safe, but the harasser will just move on to the next target. Those are not people who are looking for a fair fight or want to duel as equals, their only goal is to ruin the game for those who don't want to fight, and I've yet to find an open-world PvP game that successfully restricts this kind of activity. IMO going around just killing people who don't put up a fight should be clearly stated as being against the rules & there should be some officials or moderators online at all times who you could contact when you're being harassed. It's sad that we've come this far but unfortunately this is the way the online gaming community is these days.

Blackfox21 - last year

He says we wont have any idea who that person is right? Wrong everyone is gonna be at everyone's throat and its gonna be kill on site. They always make this mistake with thinking most games are going to act one way thats fucking false. Players are going to do the same shit like how they do it rust. KOS and at first even if it isn't KOS if even half of the community think KOS then walking over to people and interacting is just a horrible idea cause then you have a 50/50 and over time its gonna turn into KOS dominated game. Unless they give us servers that are mostly peaceful for peaceful players then it wont fucking work. I'm only getting the game cause eventually we will have private servers and thats what i care about. Unless the story is complete shit in which case its just gonna become a "Lets head in a random direction absentmindedly" type of game like how fallout 4 turned out to be after you finish most of the likable content in it and killing enemies will just turn into a chore. As soon as i get the chance i'm modding out the hunger and thirst functions and the fucking weapon degradation. Honestly it makes no sense with most weapons I can understand weapon maintenance like having to clean your weapon but the thought of "Its gonna break after 500 shots" is just fucking stupid. Are all the guns made of fucking aluminum or something? Even better its only 25 years after the bombs most of those military guns you come across if in a sealed building should be almost completely fine not to mention any weapons is storage those would be pristine! Melee makes a bit more sense for needing more repairs but still if you're using a decent enough weapon which purpose is combat then it would last quite a long fucking time! Only thing that would go bad is the edge of blades.

Vordaq - last year

They consider Skyrim "games as a service"? Ugh. That explains a lot actually.

Seals Hansen - last year

I really hope starfield isn't available for current gen consoles. I want new tech.

TearlessCupid 19 - last year

Does anyone think ps plus will be REQUIRED for Fallout 76

Rogal Dorn - last year

Games are meant to be fun so how about making a real fallout game

llamamama - last year

"We don't chase people into a space" Preach it Pete!

Justin Greenland - last year

Bethesda is undeniably the best company in the business hands down.

yung buck - last year

He really took the piano off my shoulders when he said people cant take all your shit

VideoDeadGaming - last year

So…Fallout for kids

Mr_Memes - - last year


Dan Osborne - last year

For everyone bitching that this game will be nothing but microtransactions if you watched the doc they said it would be cosmetic only and there would be a path in game to those same cosmetics …Give em a chance at least..

Xerpadon Xerilious - last year

"We tend not to follow"… lol'd Blizzard made a card game… witcher made a card game… Bethesda also had to have a card game.. this guy talks out of his ass.

Shawn Milam - last year

Being from WV, I'm really looking forward to Fallout 76 to see what they do.

Slugfly - last year

Disappointing. Fallout once led the pack, and now follows the pack. Holding out hope for TES6, but it's thin.

Sir Fortesque76 - last year

I hope we can have multiple characters, I want to create a character and build a bar to serve other players drinks, a place to serve as a sort of hub where people can mingle, fight, and drink.

Jonathan swadling - last year

Come on! Did everyone hear Petes blowout when he said hello?! haha

b00ger901 - last year

TES 6 will be coming out in the next couple of years… Damnit!

Starbuck - last year

If it was any other company than Bethesda and Todd Howard, I would be extremely worried. But Todd has earned my trust over the years, and I gotta believe he won't do anything that will upset a historically very loyal player base.

Daheadsmiter - last year

"games as a service" 0________________0 yay like EA and Activision games. we all love EA and Activision.

Tzimisce Lord - last year

If I can't loot them why kill them. Why have them around at all? For help? Fuck that.

Anthony John - last year

If you wanted so bad to make multiplayer, why not try it on RAGE 2?? Why an AAA+ franchise as Fallout??

DovahKiin Eternal - last year

A new quake game? Not quake wars but back to the roots quake for windows 95

alvin bailey - last year

i now realise micros for cosmetics is not acceptable,an if they add a subscription service to fallout 76,the they can stick their mental health issues and problems into their own head,because it's a con/scam i aint buying into!

Autism Is A Gift - last year

Boutta make a Fallout 76 ISIS group and nuke all these sinners.

Bruno R.M - last year


K Picturee - last year

wish there was a skyrim 76, a man can dream right?

Brian Double U - last year

Yes! Screw Battle Royale!! Go Bethesda you do you and that is why you are my favorite company by far! That was my favorite part of the interview obviously

Jonathan Sullivan - last year

Hey, Hines, let's finally tell the truth about Prey 2.

Travis Musser - last year

should be called hell on earth!

Matheus Moreira - last year

If I ever get the shot some day, this is what I'll ask for a Bethesda representative:

1 – TES 3 and Fallout 3 are until this day regarded as some of the best 1st-person RPGs out there, and some of the best RPGs in the whole genre. They were groundbreaking at their times, had deep dialogues, deep story, rich characters, rich world, wide freedom to build your character and so on. However, they are niche games by today's standards and would probably never sell as much as a game like Fallout 4, which is still a RPG, but with a lot of focus on shooting and building, which tend to attract a broader audience nowadays. That said, do you guys plan to make another "deep and true" RPG game ever again, on the likes of TES3 an FO3, or do you think that this movement away from a niche-esque RPG game is irreversible? That is, do you plan on making a RPG game that tops these games "AS" RPGs? A game that takes the crown of the RPG genre back to Bethesda?

2 – Regarding the RPG genre, what is the best non-Bethesda RPG game out there, whatever may be your personal RPG definition? And the best Bethesda one?

3 – On Fallout 4, Far Harbor got widely better criticism than the core game, from both the specialized critics and the gamers as well. Why do you think that happened?

4 – Is there something from Fallout 4 and TES 5 that you've learned that SHOULD NOT be repeated on future games of these franchises? Some bad move that you guys made and shouldn't be repeated? For example: a game mechanic, some art direction, a lack of something, publishing practices, pricing etc, anything that affected the game as a whole. If yes, what specifically?

5 – And the other way around, something that should definitely be repeated on the next title of these franchises?

Mark Whitaker - last year

Who cares about fallout 76 just focus effort on es and starfield

kingorpawn - last year

You can say "balls to the wall." It's in reference to pilots putting the ball shaped handle of the throttle against the wall of their cockpit.

Russell Wilson - last year

If I can play it by myself sometimes and with friends at other times……? SOLD!!!!!!!!

Commander 64 - last year

I can't wait for this game, I must be one of the only gamers that has never played a fallout game before.

J - last year

Doom 2016 is not doom 4 simple it's awesome to hear it from Pete Hines

John Swindle - last year

Boy I hope they don't fuck up elder scrolls like they did with fallout 76

Patr0m - last year

I have a question when you want to sell stuff to other players how will charisma work ? Because when you lvl up charisma youre selling stuff for more caps but that could mean that players will look for players with lower charisma.

GhostMalone - 11 months ago

The only options in 76
A)Kill players
B)Nuke players

Ryan Bradley - 11 months ago

I am going to take on the pass on this game because of no NPC? Not even other Vault Dwellers or survivors? No love for solo players who like NPCs and storyline? The person who thought this was good idea needs to be fire. I predict this going be a flop.

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