Pikachu McFlurry Coming To McDonald&#039s Japan

Last 7 days, McDonald’s Japan questioned folks to guess which Pokémon-themed McFlurry it was releasing, these kinds of as a habanero Charmander McFlurry or a broccoli Bulbasaur a single. The appropriate reply was a chocolate banana Pikachu address.

According to Entabe, the Pikachu McFlurry goes on sale July 14 in Japan, with a chocolatey banana flavor that is intended to remind folks of Pikachu’s yellow and brown colour plan. (No, Pikachu does not style like chocolate and bananas.)

The Pikachu McFlurry has unique packaging, way too, that reveals the character’s many feelings:

Shame we’re not having a broccoli Bulbasaur McFlurry. I’d like to check out that.

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