Pokemon Spinoff Pokemon Quest Announced, Available Now on Switch

Pokemon Spinoff Pokemon Quest Announced, Available Now on Switch

Today, Pokemon held a press event in Japan where the company unveiled the new Pokemon games coming in the coming year. The first announcement was for a GameFreak developed Pokemon game for the Switch and mobile devices called Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest is not a mainline RPG, but rather a new Pokemon game that lets players control and battle with cube versions of Pokemon that they can customize. It will be played using the touchscreen on both mobile devices and Switch. The Switch version is already available, while the mobile version will be out at the end of June.

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With a team of up to three Pokémon, you can explore the secrets of Tumblecube Island. Battle wild Pokémon, gather treasure, and even befriend new Pokémon—if you have the right ingredients, that is! #PokemonQuest puts the power in your hands. pic.twitter.com/BuVVenFAYR

— Pokémon (@Pokemon) May 30, 2018

The animation style is being called Poke-cells. Players can customize their Pokemon and travel to the mysterious Tumblecube Island which features hidden treasures and items.

Pokemon Quest is being called an Action RPG where players team up with up to three Pokemon to explore the secrets of Tumblecube Island. The mechanics are centered around battling wild Pokemon, gathering treasure, and befriending new Pokemon as long as you have the “right ingredients.”

Pokemon also announced Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, two previously rumored spinoff games for the Switch. The next main Pokemon RPG however is still not coming until the second half of 2019.

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