Pre-Order Date for the “Retro-Inspired” Atari VCS Console Announced

Pre-Order Date for the

Atari’s premium console, the Atari VCS, will be available for preorder on May 30 with plans for shipment in Spring 2019.

The new Atari console was announced last year and was originally thought of as retro console in the style of the NES Classic. In actuality, the Atari VCS simply borrows the design aesthetics of the Atari 2600, offering a variant version of the console in the famous wood finish. There is also a more modern black Onyx edition.

Atari VCS with Retro-inspired controller. Source: Atari

Interestingly enough, the sale will go live on Indiegogo where Atari will offer various packages, including one the includes the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller. This suggests that not all packages will include the controllers, or other accessories.

Described as “retro-inspired” the new Atari VCS is not like the NES or SNES Classics. Instead, the company has partnered with AMD to build a custom processor to run Linux. The platform supports 4K resolution, HDR, and 60fps while also allowing for dual-band wi-fi, Bluetooth 5, USB 3.0, with onboard and expandable storage.

While no modern games for the system have been announced, the Atari VCS includes the Atari Vault which comes pre-loaded with 100 classic games like Asteroids and Yars’ Revenge. The Atari VCS will also be able to stream media, presumably from prominent streaming services.

The Atari VCS is another product in the company’s reemergence into the mainstream. The company previously announced a cyrptocurrency venture that caused the company’s stock to jump wildly. Meanwhile the company also released a strange speaker hat that actually wasn’t that bad.

The Atari VCS Indiegogo page isn’t available yet, but mark your calendars down for May 30 if you want to get your own console. Early bird pricing for the Atari Onyx edition starts at $199, but other packages could be more expensive.

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