Pro Evolution Soccer Loses a Big Team License a Year Early

Pro Evolution Soccer Loses a Big Team License a Year Early

Pro Evolution Soccer has lost yet another licensing deal after German club Borussia Dortmund unexpectedly ended their licensing agreement with Konami a year earlier than intended.

“Borussia Dortmund was included in some of the promotional assets of ‘PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019. Please note however that it can unfortunately not be included in the product,” Konami wrote in an announcement post.

Source: Konami

Konami said the company and Borussia Dortmund had a license agreement that gave PES access to Borussia Dortmund’s logos, players, stadium until June 2020. However, that deal has been terminated a year early for unknown reasons. So don’t expect any of the above Borussia Dortmund assets to appear in PES 2019.

Because PES 2019 didn’t have a licensing agreement with the Bundesliga players had to fit Dortmund into foreign leagues for franchise mode, or just play with the team in online mode. So, the fact that Dortumund won’t be in PES 2019 where it was already a weird fit for the series is not too surprising.

PES and Konami have failed to secure several licensing agreements including with popular teams like Manchester United. The series does however still have an agreement with Barcelona and its stadium Camp Nou, so there’s that.

Of course all this will make diehard soccer fans eager to play as their favorite teams look towards EA’s FIFA which has more licensing deals, even though fans agree that PES might actually be the more interesting soccer game when it comes to its hardcore fanbase.

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