Reclamation Day (Walkthrough And Guide)

Reclamation Day is the first quest or mission in Fallout 76 and is more like the intro part of the game.

Your task is to simply pick up some items and learn about the game, and leaving the vault eventually.

Here’s a walkthrough and guide of Reclamation Day in FO76.

fallout 76 reclamation day

Before you can even start the quest Reclamation Day, you should first check out the introduction and design your character.

You can customize the appearance of your character from head to toe and give him / her a name.

fallout 76 reclamation day guide

fallout 76 reclamation day mission

Once you’re done, walk around the room to get a feel for the controls. There should also be a Pip-Boy right at the door.

fo76 reclamation day intro

After getting the Pip-Boy, the quest starts.


Leave Vault 76

fo76 reclamation day walkthrough and guide

You can see the description of the mission using your Pip-Boy.

After leaving your room, you will be greeted with this huge place. There isn’t anything here. Just get to the yellow marker on the floor beneath.

fo76 reclamation day walkthrough

Along the way, you may encounter a security terminal. It doesn’t have a bearing on the quest, but you can read more on what has happened in the game.

After all, you won’t find any human NPCs in the game, so it’s the second best thing.

fo76 reclamation day


Discover the Overseer’s mission

You will come in contact with one of the robots, just like in Fallout 4. You can interact with the robots you find along the pathway.

The task now is to get to the Overseer’s terminal to discover the main mission.

fo76 reclamation day mission

There are robots placed at each ‘station’. Remember to pick up the items they laid down for you.

Items like Radaway, Stimpaks and so on are all available.

fo76 reclamation day mission walkthrough

Pick up everything you see.

You will finally come across a room where the Overseer’s terminal is located. Use it.

fo76 reclamation day mission guide

You can check out everything in the terminal, and most importantly, play the holotape.

fo76 reclamation day quest

You will then learn of the Overseer’s mission.


Leave Vault 76

Once you’re done, leave the vault for good.

fo76 reclamation day guide

Get through two sliding doors and walk towards the end.

fallout 76 reclamation day walkthrough

There’s this final door that will open.

Get out of the place and you will be greeted with the huge outdoors.

fallout 76 reclamation day mission walkthrough

And that’s it for this mission. You will immediately start the next quest, i.e. First Contact.


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