Remedy is looking to start making ‘ongoing multiplayer games’

Remedy is looking to start making 'ongoing multiplayer games'

Remedy Vanguard

Remedy has carved a reputation for itself as a narrative-first studio. It makes singleplayer games first and foremost, and every one of those games (Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break, et al) has a strong story carrying it. Remedy’s next title, Control, looks to be similar but it might actually put a little more emphasis on gameplay than narrative.

But, Remedy is actively looking to branch out from that singleplayer mentality and formula. Today, it revealed a new initiative called Remedy Vanguard. This is a small team within Remedy whose task is “to prototype and ship new types of ongoing live multiplayer game experiences.” No debut project was announced, but Vanguard is hiring designers and programmers.

This doesn’t necessarily signal a major shift for Remedy. It’s still going to focus on the narrative stuff that it does best. But Vanguard’s formation clearly shows that the studio wants to spread its wings a bit. Maybe that’ll eventually lead to Remedy being just as proficient at multiplayer experiences as it is at storytelling.

Vanguard [Remedy]

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