Remember that ‘horror game’ Namco Bandai were teasing? Turns out it’s just a Sword Art Online mobile update

Remember that 'horror game' Namco Bandai were teasing? Turns out it's just a Sword Art Online mobile update

When fear turns to disappointment

So, earlier in the month Bandai Namco got tongues wagging with a creepy teaser, featuring a foreboding “live” camera focused on a very scary looking Japanese household. All the clues we had to go on was the word “Domas” and a date “August 30”.

Well, turn on the lights and stop being scared. Turns out it was just a jokey teaser for an anniversary campaign for the Sword Art Online smartphone game; Memory Defrag. Huh. A new video features voice actors Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Shimazaki Nobunaga going wild with some zombies, presumably in said spooky house.

From now until September 30, players of Memory Defrag can battle hordes of the undead, with prizes to be earned dependent on how many are defeated during the campaign…

… soooo not a new Splatterhouse, then?

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