Review: The Old Man and the Gun

Review: The Old Man and the Gun

In one of the least action-packed heist movies you’ll ever see, Robert Redford proves that at age 82, he’s still got it, and by it I mean his gun, of course. From the opening shot, The Old Man & the Gun feels authentic. Of course, Redford lends to this feeling—he’s playing a charming older man who’s “living” and “happy” to be doing it. It’s probably one of the more natural roles he’s been afforded. Yet the filmmaking is top-notch, the attention to detail precise, and the era that is 1981 America is brought to life so well that the film itself begs for you to believe that that’s when it was created. Absent is the crisp resolution of 4K Ultra Whatever Technojargon is in. It’s rough, gritty and speaks in aesthetic to the slightly simpler time it portrays. The experience, by and large, is a welcome disconnection not just from your phone, but from the modern world.

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