Rocket League Announces “Rocket Pass,” a Fortnite-style Battle Pass System

Rocket League Announces

Rocket League is switching to a new loot model popularized by Fortnite: Battle Royale, the “Rocket Pass.” Like the Battle Pass, the Rocket Pass is a way for players to earn specifice rewards by hitting specific levels during a season. There’s no word yet on when the “Rocket Pass” will launch as it’s still in development.

The tiered pass system exists in several games, but due to the immense popularity of Fortnite, the pass system has kind of become synonymous with Epic Games’ popular battle royale title. Similarly the Rocket Pass will offer players a chance to either pay a one-time flat fee per season for a premium tier pass where players can level to earn better rewards, or go along a free pass with more common rewards.

Rocket League

Psyonix says that the free track will contain new cosmetic items, decryptors, and exclusive in-game Titles. The premium track will most likely have better rewards than the free track, though there are no details specifically what will be offered.

The news of the “Rocket Pass” comes alongside Rocket League’s new content roadmap for the coming year. In May, a new Arena will be added, along with new music, while June will see the launch of a new summer-themed event. Cross-platform, something Psyonix continues to champion, will also receive a friends and party update.

In July, progression 2.0 will be rolled out which removes the 75 level cap, XP updates that will now reward players based on time played along with your score, and a host of new XP mechanics where players can earn double rewards.

We have a Rocket League guide you can check out if you want to get started in Psyonix’s popular sports hybrid game. Check out Psyonix’s blog for the full list of incoming updates.

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