S.S. Anne Walkthrough And Guide

S.S. Anne Walkthrough And Guide

S.S. Anne is a cruise ship in Pokemon Let’s Go and you can board it in Vermilion City.

The main reason of going into the ship is to learn the chopping skill from the captain, which enables you to chop trees that block paths.

Here’s a walkthrough and guide of S.S. Anne and things to do inside in Pokemon Let’s Go.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne

As you get in, you should meet your rival and also Blue. The latter will give you a Shalour Sable on his way out.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne guide

Apart from this, here are some of the things to do here.


1. Explore the ship

There are a couple of floors in the ship itself with many rooms on each floor.

Get into each room and you may find items or trainers to fight with.

The first room on your right (from your point of view) as you get into the ship is actually a place to heal your Pokemon. Just talk to the lady there.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne walkthrough


2. Loot items

You will find items around the ship, mainly in bedrooms.

There’s also a Super Repel inside the kitchen.

things to do in ss anne pokemon let's go

You can get other items like Paralyze Heal and even a Nugget in the rooms.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne what to do

pokemon let's go s.s. anne items available


3. Battle with other trainers

In most rooms, the passengers do not engage you for battle.

However, in rooms like the one below, it’s obvious that you’re in for a fight, especially since there’s an item as a bait.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne fight trainers

Some of these gentlemen have pretty good Pokemon but they’re all manageable if you have the right elements.

They may use Pokemon like Growlithe, Mankey and so on.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne guide and walkthrough

You will also earn quite a bit of yen for winning against these gentlemen.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne things to do

There are of course other trainers onboard, not just the gentlemen.


4. Defeat your rival

At the staircase just below the captain’s room, you will stumble upon your rival as he has just learnt the chopping down skill.

He will then ask you for a match. There are three Pokemon that he will use, i.e. Pidgeotto, Pikachu and finally Oddish.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne pokemon available

He may use a Super Potion during the battle. Other than that, he’s pretty easy to beat if you use an element effective against his Pokemon.

pokemon let's go s.s. anne battle with rival

You will earn some yen for winning.


5. Learn the chopping down skill

Of course, the main purpose of coming here is to acquire the chopping skill.

The captain will then teach the skill to Eevee (or Pikachu).

pokemon let's go s.s. anne learn chop skill

You can then use the skill to chop down any trees blocking your pathway, like those you may have encountered earlier in the game.

And that’s pretty much it for S.S. Anne. Hopefully this guide or walkthrough has been useful.


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