Sazan Competitive Build

Hey everyone it’s BestSazanNa here and I want to show you guys my competitive build!  Any questions on anything stop by @

Let’s dive in : 

Level 1 

Maxresdefault (2)
Taking CoverCompleting an interact or using a medkit gives cloak for 5 seconds.

Level 3 

Capacitor Overflow6% damage boost for 10 seconds when you swap weapons. (Can stack up to 3 times, swaps don’t increase duration)

Level 5

Upping the Voltage – 33% extra energy capacity per weapon. Electroknife capacity remains at 1, the damage is increased by 33%.

Possible Combo – Knife, AR, Shotgun Keep this in a rotation to balance cooldowns to the best of your ability. 

Tips :

Try to land long distant knives

Poking enemies down with your AR 

Shotgun Head Shots are VERY IMPORTANT

Overflow stacks 3 times.Edit

(+18% damage. You can maintain +12% but still get a shot or two at +18 before one runs out. It does not tell you this in-game. Add +33% on knives Upping The Voltage)

Sazan Crucible Skill Tree and Close Combat Build

Sazan Stay Alive / Kite Build