Sazan Crucible Skill Tree and Close Combat Build

Hey everyone it’s BestSazanNa here and I want to show you guys my close combat build! 

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Let’s dive in : 

Sazan Abilities

AbilitiesEffectsThrow ElectroknifeA throwing knife that deals 30 damage on impact and deals 210 damage over time.ShotgunA shotgun blast that deals 9 damage per pellet.Inertia GunA mid-ranged, low damage weapon that slows enemies down.Jet-DashSazan dashes in the direction she is moving.

Level 1 

Restorative Exchange – Swapping weapons heals Sazan for 20 health.

Level 2 

Fully Engaged – Swapping to a weapon confers a passive ability.

Equipping Electroknife confers a 1 second cloak.Equipping Shotgun confers a 33% speed boost for 3.25 secondsEquipping Inertia Gun confers a 150 shields, which degenerates over 5 seconds.

Level 3

Cut and Run – Sazan applies damage to targets she touches while dashing. 60 direct damage is applied, and 60 DoT is applied, over 4 seconds.

Level 4 

Go the Extra Mile –  Jet-Dash has 2 charges.

Level 5

Upping the Voltage – 33% extra energy capacity per weapon. Electroknife capacity remains at 1, damage is increased by 33%.

Possible Combo – 

50 % Ar Spray (Mid range) – Jet Dash ( Mid-range)  – 50% Ar Spray (Mid / Close range) – Cut and run (Close Range) – Electorknife (Close Range) – Possible melee hit –  Cut and run – Shotgun to kill 


Tips : 

Land your Electroknife

Kite around not back

Pay Attention to your Jet – Dash cooldowns

Use the Electroknife cloak to get into position for combos    

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