Sazan Extreme Team Synergy / Micro-Management Build

Hey everyone it’s BestSazanNa here and I want to show you guys my Team Synergy build!  Any questions on anything stop by @

( This build should be only used with a team that has extreme synergy and you have great micromanagement skills )


Let’s dive in : 

Level 1 

Stalker’s KnifeSazan’s Electroknife tracks targets within 25 m of where it hits. ( This can counter Tosca smoke and AJ Dome ) 

Level 3 

Full Blast ShotYour Shotgun is now more accurate and knocks targets back (max distance of 20m in order to knockback). Pellet spread is reduced by 50%

Level 5

Disruptor ChargeInertia gun silences enemies for 0.5 seconds with its first shot.

( This is where you have to pay attention the most. The disruptor charge is only on the first shot. So you got to wait for either your shot caller to tell you when to use it to initiate a fight and then manage it during the fight to zone-specific characters / interrupt certain characters. You can also use this to kite as well. But you absolutely have to pay attention to the first shot. )


Save your knife 

Use your knife to gain vision 

Use disruptor charge to silence game-changing abilities

Use disruptor charge to kite 

Your damage will be a lot lower than usual. So try to hit as many headshot crits as possible. 

Sazan Stay Alive / Kite Build

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