Sazan Stay Alive / Kite Build

Hey everyone it’s BestSazanNa here and I want to show you guys my kiting build!  Any questions on anything stop by @

Let’s dive in : 

Crucible-characters-abilities-sazan.jpg 618x0

Level 1 

Restorative Exchange :Swapping weapons heal Sazan for 20 health.

Level 3

Full Blast Shot :Your Shotgun is now more accurate and knocks targets back (max distance of 20m in order to knockback). Pellet spread is reduced by 50%

Level 5 

Upping the Voltage :33% extra energy capacity per weapon. Electroknife capacity remains at 1, the damage is increased by 33%.


Long knife throws 

Hit long crit headshots with your AR 

Kite back 

If someone is aerial you can use your shotgun to knock them back 3 times mid-air 

Your shotgun can stun people when knocked into a wall 

If you’re afraid of drak this is the build for you

Sazan Competitive Build

Sazan Extreme Team Synergy / Micro-Management Build