Shadow of the Tomb Raider Will Have Deus Ex’s Influence Says Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal is taking the lead on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which will close out the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy started by Crystal Dynamics. In a new interview, Eidos Montreal boss David Anfossi explains how Eidos is respectfully putting its stamp on the new Lara Croft, even in ways that resembles its own acclaimed Deus Ex games.

Speaking with our colleagues over at, Anfossi said that even though the studio is working on the final chapter of a story started by another studio, it’s wouldn’t be fair to say the studio is mimicking Crystal Dynamics. While Eidos stresses continuity, there will be a distinctively Eidos signature on Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

“We have developed a lot of knowledge on how to make environment, or character, or lighting, or music, convey something,” said Anfossi. “You don’t see it, but your subconscious will feel it. That is something we learned from Deus Ex. A lot. And it’s something we are applying for Shadow. There’s definitely our signature to it.”

Deus Ex lives.

Eidos and Crystal Dynamics have worked together on a number of projects, beginning Shadow of the Tomb Raider together and also collaborating on the Avengers game led at Crystal Dynamics. Anfossi admits that it hasn’t always been easy. “We have learnt to work together. It’s never easy, by the way. Collaboration at distance, two different ways to develop games, two different studio cultures.”

However, it sounds like Eidos is taking the conclusion of Lara’s reboot very seriously. At $70 to $100 million for development, it’s by far one of the biggest games Eidos has worked on. But future Eidos projects might not be blockbuster-oriented games like Tomb Raider or Deus Ex, at least not in a traditional sense.

“We are trying different things. It’s a bit pretentious, but I totally like the approach done by Nintendo where they have these small groups testing stuff,” explains Anfossi. “Even if it doesn’t make sense right now, at some point you’ll come across something cool to base a game on, or to put in a game.”

Anfossi doesn’t shy away from potential concepts like online games or battle royale titles which suggest interest in live service elements. But Anfossi also reveals interest in complicated stories told in short, three hour periods and priced lower than $60. A model championed by Ninja Theory after the success of Hellblade. So really, Eidos is looking broadly for future projects.

Or we could see another Deus Ex game which would be far from a bad thing. As Anfossi confirmed to PCGamesN that Deus Ex is alive, but the studio is focused on Shadow.

Right now however, it’s about Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We recently got a chance to see Shadow in action in Los Angeles, and we’re cautiously optimistic about the new chapter in the trilogy. For more, you can check out our Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide for all of our coverage on the game.

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