Snacktaku Showdown: Oreo Vs. Hydrox

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We listed here at Snacktaku have specified the Oreo a terrific deal of consideration over the many years, but quite a few many years right before the well-known cookie’s 1912 debut there was a further. Hydrox, the first sandwich cookie, usually takes on Nabisco’s usurper in the very first-at any time Snacktaku Showdown.

Sunshine Biscuits released the very first creme-loaded chocolate sandwich cookie in 1908. Hoping to evoke a sense of purity and goodness they identified as it Hydrox, a portmanteau of hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that make up h2o. This was a really bad transfer.

Four many years later the National Biscuit Corporation released the Oreo, which was fairly substantially a Hydrox without the silly identify. Oreo swiftly overtook Hydrox as the sandwich cookie of alternative. Around the many years Oreo gained so substantially floor over the first that Hydrox was usually considered an off-brand or generic version. Damn.

Hydrox was discontinued in 1999 by then-owner Kellogg’s, building a short resurgence in 2008 to mark its a hundred-year anniversary right before disappearing from shelves.

But now they are back! A enterprise identified as Leaf Manufacturers relaunched Hydrox in 2015, and the first creme-loaded sandwich cookie is providing far better than at any time. Is it due to the fact it’s a far better cookie than Oreo, or just an over-medicated society currently being a lot more snug ingesting one thing with a identify that appears like we must request our doctor about it?

Let’s discover out, but very first . . . it’s glove time.

Observe the movie and you will comprehend.

Now then.

OREO VS. HYDROX. All set, Combat.

Hmm. Properly, they are just each sitting down there. I really do not consider they are actually likely to fight. Awkward. Did I thank reader David for suggesting these two cookies struggle? Many thanks a ton, reader David.

Great. I’ll just eat the damn issues. Scroll up to the movie atop the post to look at that come about.

The Creme

The Hydrox Creme is nearly creamy.

Hydrox readily usually takes the excess fat and sugar gunk round, utilizing genuine sugar all the way by way of wherever the Oreo brings together the gritty stuff with corn syrup. The consequence is a smoother creme that’s bought a delicate tang and a little bit significantly less cloying sweetness. Is spackley a phrase? Hydrox’s creme is significantly less spackley.

Oreo creme did not so substantially unfold as it broke into bits.

The Cookie

Darker and significantly less uniform, the Hydrox cookie wafer appears to be like and smells a lot more like one thing I could possibly have baked in my kitchen area if it weren’t at the moment loaded with laundry and regrets. Hydrox carries a stronger chocolate scent and a a lot more pronounced cocoa style.

The Oreo cookie is lighter and a lot more susceptible to crumbling. It is marginally sweeter.

The struggle of brown discs is anyone’s match. It all comes down to individual desire, and I could go possibly way. I’m likely to give it to Hydrox even so, due to the fact the Oreo symbol is upside-down. Quality regulate, folks.

The Dunk

Due to the fact neither Hydrox nor Oreo have figured out how to make cookies challenge gurgling screams when currently being dunked in ice cold milk, this one is a further toss-up.

Right after 5 seconds in milk, the Oreo cookie was ready to tumble aside. The Hydrox cookie was continue to reasonably crisp. If you’re in a hurry for some mushy milk-soaked sandwich cookie, Oreo is your very best wager. If you choose a minor crunch, go for Hydrox. Or stick with Oreo and up your dunking match.

The Winner

Technically, considering the fact that neither cookie bothered to toss a punch, it’s a tie. That said, I was entirely taken aback by Hydrox’s style and high-quality. Several years of Oreo indoctrination had taught me to worry. Five Hydrox cookies taught me how to love again.

As I was uploading the movie for this post, my nephew arrived to look at my little ones when I labored. He observed the Oreos and bought all energized.

“Can I have some?” he questioned.

“You can have a Hydrox,” I countered.

“Ew, no thanks,” the ungrateful minor bastard replied. I questioned him why.

“Because they are Hitler,” he actually said, due to the fact he does not treatment who he hurts.

I designed him eat one anyway. Right after some thoughtful chewing—well, technically through some thoughtful chewing, he mumbled, “Wow. These are actually really superior.”

Experience free to use that as a slogan, Leaf Manufacturers.

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