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Solution Environment Legends Lets The Activity&#039s Story Shine

Solution Environment Legends launches now, a cost-free-to-play reimagining of Funcom’s 2012 Lovecraftian MMO The Solution Environment. Solution Environment Legends streamlines a great deal of the game’s core techniques to make it additional action-oriented and player-welcoming. These alterations enable the story, constantly the game’s best feature, take center phase.

I arrived late to The Solution Environment, in 2014, at the assistance of pals who stopped taking part in soon immediately after I began. I’d in no way been substantially of an MMO person, and I’ll confess the builds and stats and equipment effects confused me. Solution Environment Legends charges by itself as a “shared-environment action RPG” instead of an MMO, which suggests a great deal of the nitty-gritty has been accomplished absent with. I revisited the game’s starting up place of Kingsmouth, Maine, over the weekend. There are particular characteristics I missed, mostly since I’d developed to really like some of The Solution Environment’s clunkier bits. But Solution Environment Legends is a lot easier to bounce into than its predecessor, which helps make it additional welcoming to new gamers and much less frustrating for returning types. In this article are some of the alterations.


You nevertheless have your energetic and passive abilities, which you buy with action and skill details. You used to pick and pick out from this brightly-coloured wheel:

Now you have this:

It’s a great deal additional clear-cut, adhering to a additional linear progression. There’s much less focus on builders and spenders now you weigh your electrical power expenditures and manage your skills’ distinctive qualities. In my assault rifle/fists build, I have a simple skill that fires solitary photographs and an place of impact skill. The AoE skill offers me a opportunity to load a grenade. I have various grenade sorts I can fire to melt away enemies or heal allies. For the chaos tree pictured previously mentioned, making up details referred to as Paradoxes give you the opportunity to result in a random impact. Every skill has its possess new twist. There’s a good overview of all these alterations right here:

You can nevertheless make any blend of abilities you want, but now you pick a course in the character creator. This course decides your starting up weapons. Switching it up by unlocking new weapons expenditures Marks of Favor, which you get by completing day by day difficulties, or Aurum, which is forex bought with real-environment dollars or traded for in the market. Unlocking new weapons can be accomplished without spending any real-environment dollars, but it will take you a while. Gamers with present The Solution Environment accounts can backlink their account to Legends, which permits you to start out with all the weapons unlocked.

I in no way went in substantially for the builds in The Solution Environment. My additional skilled MMO pals both told me what to do, or I grabbed guides from the world wide web. Solution Environment Legends nevertheless has depth, but there is much less synergies to fear about. I’ve felt additional successful off the bat, which has enable me get out of the menus and into the activity.


The most notable improve in beat is the reticule, which usually takes the position of The Solution Environment’s tap concentrating on. The reticule helps make Legends experience additional like a shooter, and concentrating on this way feels intuitive. I felt additional conscious of exactly where my character was positioned, which served me keep away from my age-outdated difficulty of stumbling into mobs of enemies and having myself confused. (I nevertheless did that, though.)

You also use the range keys much less, with your qualities certain to Q, 1, 2, E, and the still left and appropriate mouse buttons. I certain my most regularly-used assaults for my major and secondary weapons to my mouse buttons and went to town. It felt substantially much less clunky than when I initially began The Solution Environment.

I don’t know if it is just that these tweaks gave me something I’m additional familiar with, but beat so much has felt a lot easier. The fire station, which wrecked me the initially time I played, was nevertheless a problem for my very low-degree character, but it was not approximately the massacre I remembered from my initially time with it.



Speaking of levelling, Solution Environment Legends has precise amounts, which you carry on as a result of as you kill enemies and complete quests, earning XP and details to set into qualities together the way. The activity tells you the degree of an enemy you have occur across, as well as the proposed degree of a quest you may well take on. For instance, my current story quest will not enable me carry on until finally I hit Stage twelve, which suggests I’m occupied sidequesting again and forth across Kingsmouth until finally I can continue.

It’s a massive improve from The Solution Environment, but it is absolutely held me from unintentionally likely into spots I should not. It’s one more addition that helps make the activity a minor a lot easier to fully grasp. I overlook some of the surprise (one of my favorite memories from The Solution Environment was accidentally kiting a mob of higher-degree monsters up and down a road while two other gamers viewed on bemusedly), but it is also manufactured development a lot easier to consider.


Upgrading and crafting in The Solution Environment was really intricate, involving toolkits, substances, and arranging factors on a grid. In Legends, you only incorporate unwanted equipment to present equipment in the enhance menu, which will increase the stats of weapons and wearable goods.

Image by using GuyLogicGaming

It’s straightforward, though I’ll confess to lacking my stacks of toolkits.

Distinctive times, more mature times.

While some monsters have dropped loot in Kingsmouth, it is much less widespread than prior to. Instead of deciding upon your equipment reward, you get loot luggage from completing quests. The loot you get appears to be certain by area—I’ve gotten the same waist talisman over and over. It’s taken some of the random pleasurable out of loot and, while it is manufactured equipment administration a lot easier, it is also manufactured it a minor much less interesting.

While not strictly equipment, it is well worth noting that garments is no lengthier bought from suppliers. Instead, you buy it straight from your dressing home, which you can entry any where by using your character sheet. The ineffective stalls in London manufactured me a minor unfortunate, but don’t fear: you can nevertheless buy tacos.


Just one of my favorite new additions is the alterations to Agartha, the game’s vacation hub. It capabilities additional like London used to, entire of stores and social areas. There are terminals with individuals searching for raids and cabals, and even a dance club. It seems awesome and helps make Agartha experience additional like the environment-inside-the-environment it is supposed to be. I’ve expended a great deal of time hanging out in it, eavesdropping on gamers in standard chat and hoping to recall my emotes.

It’s really amazing, y’all!


The tutorial has been overhauled, with a new place that teaches you a number of additional factors prior to you get to your faction. Total, the streamlining of the game’s mechanics suggests there is much less in the way of the story, which was constantly the game’s best feature. The peculiar environment, memorable people, and intricate quests become the real stars. Even though I’ve played all these missions by now, it is been pleasurable to revisit them with refreshing eyes and much less character administration to fear about. The simple fact that I know the answers to most of the investigative quests does not damage, both.

Solution Environment Legends feels effortless to just pick up and start out taking part in, letting you focus on its environment and story fairly than managing to a wiki every single time you get new equipment. For new gamers, who may well have been curious about The Solution Environment but turned off by its mechanics, it is a terrific improve. The Solution Environment gamers who’ve accomplished all there is to do in the outdated activity may well not get lots of new encounters out of it. I have not played The Solution Environment for a number of many years, but all the alterations have gotten me curious yet again and have intended it is great to be again.

Also, Kirsten Geary is nevertheless an awesome weirdo.

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