Some Attractions To Check Out Today

Some Attractions To Check Out Today

Ocean Park is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong and is flooded with tourists.

It’s sort of like an outdoor theme park except that it also comes with other cool attractions.

Not sure what to do in Ocean Park? Read on to find out what some of the better attractions are in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

ocean park entrance

I recently visited Ocean Park, like two weeks ago. As it was nearing Christmas, they do have some Christmas decorations inside, but not too much.

This is the outside of Ocean Park. There are also many tourists taking photos here as it’s pretty scenic. You can see the mountains in the background. A new Marriott Hotel is also opening here.

ocean park entrance photos

If you already have tickets, just get to the entrance and show your tickets or your e-tickets.

I personally bought mine from Klook, so I just had to show the tickets on the phone itself. You don’t need to print them out.

how to buy tickets to ocean park

This is the view we were welcomed with in Ocean Park. There’s a pretty neat fountain with the Grand Aquarium as the backdrop.

ocean park christmas 2018

As the park is pretty huge, you may need to get a pamphlet at the directory area just nearby the entrance.

Some attractions are located at the Summit, which means you need to take an Ocean Express train or the cable car to get there.

You can alternate between rides to and fro as well.

ocean park hong kong directory

As mentioned earlier, it was nearing Christmas, so they do have a huge Christmas tree that’s pretty well decorated near the entrance.

ocean park christmas tree 2018

Without further ado, here are some of the things you can do in Ocean Park HK.


1. Sit the cable car

Cable cars are sort of a typical must-have in most outdoor theme parks.

ocean park hong kong attractions

The cable car station is on the left side if you’re coming from the entrance. Keep walking and you should see this signage.

ocean park cable car

You would have to walk past a recreation of an old town. Unfortunately, most of the shops were still closed when the park just opened in the morning.

They probably open at noon or in the afternoon.

ocean park old street

They have estimated wait times for the cable car. The ride opens at 11 am but the queue starts earlier.

Apparently it’s better to take the cable car in the morning when there are less people, as it gets busy later.

ocean park hk main attractions

The queue is pretty long but it moves pretty fast when the ride opens at 11 am. We went at 10.40 am so the queue wasn’t moving yet.

what to do in ocean park hong kong

ocean park hk cable car

This is the cable car station. Each car won’t stop, but will slow down for you to enter, just like other cable cars elsewhere.

You don’t have to share the cable car with strangers. You can choose to board alone despite having like five seats.

They won’t force you as well, and they will take your photo before you leave as you can buy it later.

ocean park cable car attraction

It’s quite small and crammed.

sea aquarium - ocean park

For those who are afraid of heights, it’s quite a long journey. If you hate cable cars, you can use the Ocean Express which is a train and it’s not scary at all.

The reason we’re taking the cable car is because we didn’t know about the Ocean Express, and many of the attractions can be found on the Summit, especially the thrilling rides.

ocean park hk attractions 2018 - cable car


2. Take some scary rides and roller coasters

The roller coasters and scary rides are probably all situated at the other side of the island, which is why you either need to use a cable car or the Ocean Express.

Personally, I didn’t sit any of these rides. Not a fan of roller coasters at all.

ocean park the flash

ocean park theme park hong kong

ocean park rides

There’s also the Ocean Tower which is probably a revolving tower, similar to those you can find in other countries.

ocean tower

ocean park roller coasters

If you’re a fan of thrilling rides, do come to the Summit earlier.


3. Visit the Ocean Theatre

The Ocean Theatre is quite a fun attraction in Ocean Park and it’s also located at the Summit.

ocean theatre

The seating is similar to a stadium, where there aren’t rails between rows. Do check out their showtimes to be safe.

ocean park hk attractions 2019

I took all of these photos using a 300mm lens.

As you get there, you will notice two seals. The seals come and greet the audience near the front seats.

ocean park seal

The seals are really cute, especially the way they walk.

ocean park seal show

When the show starts, it’s mainly about dolphins.

hong kong ocean park dolphin show

They have quite a number of dolphins and they can all perform stunts.

The dolphins are capable of showing how they save human beings and so on.

ocean park hk attractions - dolphins

ocean park dolphin show

They can also perform stunts together with the trainers.

things to do in ocean park 2019

ocean park hong kong 2019

All in all, the dolphin and seal show in the Ocean Theatre is a great attraction to visit in Ocean Park.

hk ocean park dolphin


4. Experience the rainforest

Also at the Summit, the rainforest is more like a small area where they showcase some of the more unique animals.

As we went during a non-peak time (weekday), not every ride is open.

ocean park rainforest attraction

They have some cool Arapaima fishes on display.

ocean park hk rainforest

Poisonous and colorful frogs are also on display.

rainforest ocean park hk

There isn’t much to see here but it’s still worth a short visit.


5. Use the Ocean Express

As mentioned above, you can use the Ocean Express to the Summit and back. If you had taken the cable car up, you can use this train back down.

ocean express attraction

They decorated the train to look like some underwater train you see in the movies.

When the journey starts, they will dim the lights and the ceilings will light up with the LED screens.

ocean express - things to do in ocean park

There isn’t anything special except the screens above which shows some sort of a short underwater story.

ocean express hong kong 2019

You will know when you’re arriving as the lights come back up and the screen shows that the vault is locked.

ocean express hk

The ride only takes about 5 minutes and it wasn’t that crowded when we took it.

what to do in ocean park - aquarium


6. Dine in Ocean Park

If you’re going to be here the whole day, you should check out some dining areas. They do have a couple of restaurants or small stalls where you can buy food.

We went to the food court instead because it’s faster.

what to eat in ocean park

It’s all self-service here. They had some of the regular Hong Kong food like chicken / duck / pork rice sets and so on.

ocean park hk food

food in ocean park

As we bought the set, it came with a small cup of Haagen Dazs ice cream.

ocean park food court

There’s also a restaurant where you can dine inside the aquarium where you are surrounded by all of the sea creatures.


7. Watch acrobatic performances

Near the food court, you will see the Giant Panda attraction and also some performances.

At fixed showtimes, you can watch a group of Chinese acrobats performing.

ocean park performance acrobats

ocean park attractions - performances

They will be dressed like animals and performing all kinds of stunts.

ocean park performances

ocean park things to do 2019

If you love these kinds of shows, do stick around for the performance.

acrobatic performance in ocean park

You can check the showtimes at the board nearby.


8. Visit the pandas

My favorite attraction in Ocean Park is probably the pandas. You will see this “Giant Panda Adventures” at the entrance.

If you’re coming from the main Ocean Park entrance, you have to turn right.

giant panda - ocean park

giant panda hong kong

As you enter the Giant Panda attraction, you will reach this place. There are workers all around reminding everyone to stay quiet, so as not to disturb the pandas.

They have two types, i.e. the Giant Panda and the Red Panda.

things to do in ocean park

This one below is the Red Panda.

red panda in hong kong

red panda - ocean park hong kong

Below is the Giant Panda. There’s only one panda inside the enclosure. Apparently there are two pandas, but each has their own enclosure.

things to do ocean park - see pandas

panda-watching ocean park

These photos were taken with a 300mm lens.

pandas in ocean park

When we first arrived, the panda was just lying down, sleeping.

giant panda attraction ocean park

He later woke up, just walked around, and even took a dump.


9. Visit the Grand Aquarium

Ocean Park also features a Grand Aquarium which is located near the entrance. The line can be long at certain times but we’re lucky to only queue for awhile.

sea aquarium - ocean park

They will take a photo first, in case you want to buy it later.

To get into the aquarium, you have to queue towards an escalator. As you get up, the entrance is just there.

grand aquarium ocean park

The first attraction is the simulated water spurting out from the pool. I can’t remember what that was called, but it’s probably a geyser-like simulation.

grand aquarium ocean park hong kong 2019

The theme of the aquarium is more towards ocean pollution and other problems, and to raise awareness to stop them.

They have the usual display of fishes, plus some uncommon ones like this starfish and some seahorses.

what to do in ocean park - aquarium

There aren’t that many attractions inside the Grand Aquarium inside, which was a slight disappointment.

The SEA Aquarium at Singapore is probably much better (I’m not Singaporean).

ocean park aquarium

There’s also a window area where you can see all of the fishes, similar to the one in Aquaman, but much smaller.

ocean park aquarium in hong kong

And that’s about it in the aquarium.


Other things to do in Ocean Park?

I’ve listed some of the attractions we visited in Ocean Park Hong Kong about two weeks ago.

There are many other attractions that we did not see, like the North Pole Encounter, Raging River, Bumper Blaster or the Arctic Fox Den. Some of the rides may be closed during the off-peak for whatever reason.

If you’ve been to Ocean Park, what are your favorite things to do?

Do leave your comments below.


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