Sony is running a surprise PSN flash sale this weekend with some big recent games

Sony is running a surprise PSN flash sale this weekend with some big recent games

Dragon’s Crown Pro, Ni No Kuni II, Far Cry 5, Dragon Ball FighterZ

Coming off of two sale events s a lot of you probably didn’t expect Sony to hold a third one — but it announced just that for this weekend only.

Yep it’s another flash sale, and this one has a few high profile games in tow. Dragon’s Crown Pro is one of the most notable given that it basically just came out, as is Far Cry 5, No Ni Kuni II, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Resident Evil 7, and a “South Park Video Game Collection” with Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole.

This particular sale is a little light in terms of the total games that fall within its perview (36 in all), and it has a strong focus on Ubisoft as a whole (as well as Bandai Namco), but it’s a good one nonetheless if you haven’t picked up a few major recent releases.

My top recommendation is probably Dragon’s Crown Pro ($34.99) — something everyone should probably play at some point, preferably in the company of friends and some good beer. You have a little more than just this weekend actually to pull the trigger, as Sony says it ends on August 6 at 8AM PT.

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