Suda 51’s Killer7 is Coming to Steam This Fall

Suda 51's Killer7 is Coming to Steam This Fall

Suda 51’s cult-favorite shooter, Killer7, is coming to Steam this fall thanks to NIS America.

The news comes from both Grasshopper Manufacture and NIS America today in a surprise announcement. There’s no firm release date for the game, but there is a newly cut announcement trailer for Killer7 to celebrate the occasion.

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Killer7 is a semi on-rails shooter where you play as members of Killer7, an elite assassination squad comprised of seven unique assassins with their own abilities. The player can change Killer personas on the fly.

Like other Suda 51 games, Killer7’s story is a bit hard to explain, but features his favorite motifs like assassins, baroque storytelling, and oddball mannerisms. So if you’re a fan of his later games like No More Heroes or Killer is Dead, you’ll find that Killer7 servers as a kind of blueprint for those later games.

You can add Killer7 to your Steam Wishlist today right here.

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