Swiftly Deflating Pikachu Rushed To Basic safety By Modest Horde Of Suited Males

Tragedy struck in mid-dance number in the course of the Pokemon Planet Festival in Incheon, South Korea previously this 7 days, as the guide Pikachu sprung a leak in the course of “You Just cannot Halt The Beat.” Fortunately an elite squad of suited guys was standing by.

The incident happens at the one:00 mark in the video down below, posted by YouTube person Green Lime and shared through The Verge. As the Pikachu gradually melts in front of a horrified (amused) crowd, the fits leap into motion, led by a person in a prolonged-sleeve t-shirt.

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The factors driving the Pikachu’s deflation are unclear, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with “Uptown Funk.”

The suited guys tried to rehabilitate the hurt pocket monster and return him to the wild at all-around four:35.

But as the music finished, so did the hopes of the saggiest minimal Pikachu.

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