Thank Goodness They&#039re Continue to Producing FMV Game titles In 2017

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Polygons, sprites, they’re superior and all, but Late Shift has real men and women* punching other real men and women in the experience. Welcome to the superb entire world of Whole Motion Movie.

I just really like FMV online games, they’re frequently foolish, goofy, daft pleasurable, primarily when they’re attempting to be totally critical.

Back again in the mid 90s it was just impressive to see shifting pictures on a laptop or computer display screen, it was almost magical. Late Shift may possibly be as well nicely shot and acted to be mistaken for mid 90’s FMV schlock, but there’s still pleasurable to be experienced in deciding upon how the amazingly participating story pans out.

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Late Shift is out right now on Pc & Mac, PS4 and Xbox a single.  

* Okay they’re actors

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