The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Full Reveal | Square Enix E3 2018

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Full Reveal | Square Enix E3 2018

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Full Reveal | Square Enix E3 2018

Watch the full reveal of Captain Spirit from the creators of Life is Strange at the Square Enix E3 2018 press conference.

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Jimmy England - last year


Hongor Hongor - last year


Prabhjot - last year

New Avengers game looks good. is that Thor's son?

David Torr - last year

wtf is this crap

I_Shot YouTube - last year

I hate episodic games i think tell tell started it and i hate them for it. if i can play the game with one hand its not a game its a movie

JD Flores - last year

Looks kinda cool

Michael huertas - last year

i feel like its gonna be one of those silly kid games but after life is strange im pretty sure its gonna be a kid finding a dead body and be so young tries to go on a adventure we as a audience knows someone will die.

Kenneth Larsen - last year

The DONTNOD logo reminds me of Deus Ex: HM

Cédric LEBIS - last year


Deltobbi - last year

This looks awful. But it's free so….

Gravey Davey - last year


Grandmastergav86 - last year

What a load of bollocks

LightDarkEquivalent 714 - last year

To those confused, this is the prequel of Life is Strange 2
Set 3 years after Max's story

And hey, at least it's free right?

PortalScout - last year

i don't get it

IP Freely - last year

Interest level = potato

Jet Nadine - last year


maxim menage - last year

Ive never played but are these games like visual novels with sinister undertones?

Psyphon X - last year

Did someone say free?

Chloe Price - last year

Stop hating on this game. The developers didn't have to spend time and make this to launch it free.

Arnav Gupta - last year

Earthbound 3d😂😂

Shaggy this isn't Weed - last year

I love the music at 2:00

Liberally Hipler - last year

I wish I was Captain Spirit! Then maybe I could fight off my step dad when he comes to touch me at night… :'(

Aozotra - last year

Can they hire some young script editors so the dialogue isn’t full of outdated memes and cringe “young people talk”?

Nazareadain - last year

Whenever I see kid with OTTP imagination I immediately think he's in a coma the whole story. I don't know why. It still hasn't happened.

InanimateSum - last year

When did people have problems with a game being fun and simple?

Joshua Belmont Reese - last year

I just have some theorys
A: Maybe because of his superhero fanboyish he might develop sometype hero complex and constatly tries to help everybody because of a constant obessesion to be a hero
B: His father might die in the ending or become sometype of alcoólic because of his wife's death and both are cool ways to mold chris as somewhat troubled life
C: Chris might have some type of superpower like max time rewinding and maybe we can get a explanation of where the power or powers came from
D: Chris might start season 2 as a child,pre-teen or teen but part of me thinks we will play him as a pre-teen because honestly in a realistic type of way child chris will be kinda of hard to put or relate to the themes in the game (max was 18 in Season 1 and chole was 16 in before the storm) and it would require a big time Skip for teen chris and this episode is 3 years after season 1

Cata Carrasco - last year

Hawt Dawg Man! 0:08

José Medina - last year

Someone answer this question please DO I HAVE TO PAY IT IF I PRE-ORDER IT ??

Pip Day - last year

I just like how people are just criticising this game for saying it’s going to be a kids game and it looks crap I think this def won’t be a kids game because life is strange is a light heart and dark series

Derek Curley - last year

I googled captain autismo and it brought me here

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