The DNA of Red Dead Redemption 2

The DNA of Red Dead Redemption 2

The DNA of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is shaping up to be Rockstar’s most ambitious game yet. Let’s look back at some of Rockstar’s biggest games like Grand Theft Auto V and Bully to see how they inspired Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Mosheledi Mpye - last year


Connor MacLeod - last year

all the theme songs for each game just brings me back, damn.

Rok Sitzenfrei - last year

We Need a New max payne so rockstar do a another game 6 years IS from max payne 3 and sell good and was a masterpiece of a game so please do a max payne 4

Adam Shalashaska - last year

Im gonna be a fat hairy dirty morgan

Lucien Lachance - last year

Bully is my favorite game of all time, hopin the rumors of a sequel are true, and if so I hope they keep the T rating and veiled innocence that made it so unique

Adam Shalashaska - last year

Started replaying Max Payne 3. Still the most grewsome, satisfying and realistic shooter i have ever played. Hope Red Dead 2 shooting feels as good

Night Raider - last year

Red dead redemption will be amazing! But the only problem is that the game is a whopping 80 gbs. And imagine how much the saves space will store…

CHill TACtics - last year

The games not even out yet so how tf do u know its so good?

Oliver - last year

Pleased that this video mentions L.A. Noire, the game was a masterpiece. I'm hoping a sequel will materialise after RDR2, or at least after the next game.

GrabberBythePuss - last year

L.A. Noire is so underrated.

Zach Zeller - last year

Can anyone tell me what the music is that starts at 6:55 ? Is it the max payne soundtrack?

Dilapidated Banana - last year

Wait. Arthur can gain a bit of weight? Where is this info? I have never been able to find it.

Arodgers12 Fan - last year

5:37 When that first came on, I had chills a little bit, because L.A Noire was so special to me!!!! 😁

Sinjin Hayes - last year

That ending was hilarious.

Kaiser Wilhelm - last year

It also takes a lot from Red Dead Redemption (obviously), including most of it's weapons

Basit Saliu - last year

This game will be a breakthrough for gaming. Happy 20th Anniversary Rockstar Games, Bring on Red Winter!

Oliver Phoenix - last year

Gta v also had the ability to talk to people but it was mostly just hey or fuck you

Will InFocusTV - last year

10 days

Review Screw - last year

Please don’t use the word NPC.

WildLion Games - last year

that music when GTA IV come up gave me some real nostalgia wow!

atrelopian678 - last year

Red Dead Redemption Bully 2 and GTA6 this is what I think.

EazyMind - last year

We want San Andreas 2 or a GTA 5 Story update with Lamar and the Grove Street shees

Safwan Chowdhury - last year

Wondering what will happen when the first teaser for gta 6 would be released.

Davey Jones - last year

Max Payne 3 was so good

Add on xbox ItzGeilitezz - last year

This game is like a mashup but rockstar style

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