The moment Yet again, Overwatch Isn&#039t Pretty Very good At Selecting Kanji People

[Picture: Blizzard]

Very last year, a short Overwatch animation highlighted some iffy kanji possibilities. It seems the latest Hanzo pores and skin does, also.

Japanese has a fairly elaborate creating procedure that capabilities kanji figures from China. There are also native creating units called hiragana and katakana that are utilised along with kanji in prepared Japanese.

The latest Hanzo pores and skin capabilities the figures 矢印 (yajirushi) on the strip of his quiver. When Japanese men and women see this, it stands out like so:


Why? For the reason that yajirushi actually indicates “arrow mark,” as in the arrow symbol you’d see on a signpost or a map. It does not imply “arrow” as in the point you shoot from a bow—that would merely be “ya” (矢).

So seeing the phrase for “arrow sign” on Hanzo’s strap appears so weird to those who know Japanese.


If you are wanting to know how this transpired, Google Translate could be the offender. If you place “ya” (矢), you get “arrow” in English.

But, if you place “arrow” in English, you get “yajirushi” (矢印), the phrase for “arrow indicator.”

If you place in “yajirushi” (矢印) in Japanese, you do get “arrow,” but the extra exact, while somewhat awkward sounding “directing arrow” underneath.

The inclusion of this kanji is miffing Overwatch enthusiasts in Japan.


“Hanzo’s arrow indicator is even on the weapon…”


“What’s up with Hanzo’s arrow sign”


“While Genji is a god of armed forces arts, Hanzo’s ‘arrow sign’ is completely not interesting, really do not cha feel?”


“Why is ‘arrow sign’ prepared on Hanzo’s new pores and skin…”


“Why the heck is ‘arrow sign’ prepared on Hanzo’s strap”


“Hanzo, the arrow indicator, you are building me laugh, stop it lol”


“Even while I thought why has Hanzo been turned into those odd [kanji] t-shirts foreigners have on… Is it that “ya” (矢) is “arrow” and “arrow” is “yajirushi” (矢印)? lol”

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