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By Marshall Lemon,
Monday, 14 May 2018 21:53 GMT

It seems that Super Mario 64 actually does work pretty well as a massive open-world.

While many game publishers are rushing into the Battle Royale genre, Nintendo probably won’t be among them anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean the potential isn’t there – even in classics like Super Mario 64.

That linked video comes from YouTuber Kaze Emanuar, who has linked every Super Mario 64 map together into a single open world. (Thanks IGN.) Each game opens as Mario falls spinning from the sky, where the player can guide him to any location they choose. From there, Mario navigates between regions by walking to them, using a cannon, or activating a Wing Cap. In this modded version, the Wing Cap is powered by coins, encouraging the player to collect as many as possible to increase the range of travel.

Naturally, the mod is still in single-player, and only acts as a Battle Royale proof of concept. But joining all Super Mario 64 levels into a shared world has real promise. Emanuar has clearly put some thought into how each region relates to the others, and there’s a genuine thrill in watching Mario move from one location on the map to another.

Outside of multiplayer, what would the next step in a Battle Royale Mario game be? Perhaps one could integrate the capture system from Super Mario Odyssey?

If the Battle Royale craze keeps up, perhaps we’ll find out soon.

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