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Throwback Wednesday’s ( Game Edition)! #Throwback

(Released June 21, 1991)

Hey Rare Nation it’s been a while, a long long while. For those that remember me, I used to write on Rarenorm and go by the name Mr.GRX. Since it a new day, a new me and a fresh start; I will be re-introducing myself as Sora, your friendly neighborhood spider :). Alright, now that we have gotten all the formal stuff out of the way, I am here today to bring you a new weekly series called Throwback Wednesday’s (Game Edition). We will be revisiting games from the past and remembering all the greatest or controversy that game has brought over the years. *Drum Roll* Rarenorm’s first Throwback game of the week is Sonic The Hedgehog ( Sonic 1).

( This was a pretty cool let’s play we found on Youtube by Youtuber cobanermani456)

Now the reason we went with Sonic 1, well we’re hoping that Nintendo revives Sonic and makes it an elite game( 0_0). Yeah, just kidding, as of now the recent Sonic games haven’t been that great even though the graphics have gotten better over time. Hopefully one day we will see a new Sonic game worth buying but for now, I will be avoiding Sonic. Anyways the reason we picked this game was mainly because of the innovation it brought to video games at the time and the rivalry it ignited with Nintendo ( I love Mario). This game was the beginning of a heated rivalry between Sonic and Mario, as well as jump starting the Nintendo-Sega wars of the 1990s ( Which Nintendo would go on to win in dramatic fashion). Personally, this game really holds a high place in my heart as it was the first game ( I owned the Genesis 6 Pak, never forget Street of Rage and Golden Axe!!!!) I ever played on the first system that I ever owned: Sega Genesis.

Wednesday’s Throwback ( Game Edition): Sonic The Hedgehog.
Let us know what you think of this throwback and the memories you have of this wonderful game.

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