Valve Tinkers With Dota two Ahead Of TI7 In Most up-to-date Patch

Past evening, Valve pushed out a compact update for Dota two. Patch seven.06e tweaks a slew of heroes in advance of the game’s biggest match of the calendar year in August, which includes Alchemist, whose base agility jumped just about 50%.

Here’s the total record of adjustments:

  • Neutral compact camps: gold bounty greater by ten%
  • Veil of Discord: Recipe price greater from four hundred to five hundred
  • Bloodthorn: Important Strike problems decreased from one.45x to one.4x
  • Heaven’s Halberd: Disarm duration on ranged heroes decreased from 5.5 to 5
  • Alchemist: Base Agility greater from 11 to sixteen
  • Alchemist: Greevil’s Greed Bounty Rune multiplier greater from 2x to two.5x
  • Arc Warden: Convert fee improved from .4 to .six
  • Batrider: Flaming Lasso cooldown greater from 90/75/sixty to a hundred/eighty/sixty
  • Brewmaster: Fire brewling overall health greater from 1200 to 1300
  • Brewmaster: Amount ten Expertise modified from +thirty Attack Speed to +thirty Damage
  • Brewmaster: Amount 25 Expertise modified from +a hundred and twenty Damage to +140 Attack Speed
  • Broodmother: Amount 20 Expertise from +twelve Spiders Attack Damage to +14
  • Bristleback: Base problems decreased by 4
  • Chen: Hand of God Mend greater from 225/325/425 to 225/350/475
  • Chen: Amount 20 Expertise greater from +90 Gold/Min to +a hundred and twenty
  • Clockwerk: Battery Assault manacost greater from 75 to a hundred
  • Clockwerk: Base problems decreased by three
  • Darkish Seer: Surge cooldown greater from twelve/11/ten/9 to 13/twelve/11/ten
  • Enchantress: Nature’s Attendants manacost decreased from 125/140/one hundred fifty five/a hundred and seventy to 125
  • Io: Spirits manacost greater from a hundred and twenty/one hundred thirty/140/one hundred fifty to one hundred fifty
  • Legion Commander: Press The Attack cast array decreased from 800 to seven-hundred
  • Leshrac: Amount 15 Expertise greater from +ten% Magic Resistance to +15%
  • Leshrac: Pulse Nova problems greater from a hundred/one hundred thirty/a hundred and sixty to a hundred/140/one hundred eighty
  • Lifestealer: Power gain decreased from three.three to three.one
  • Lina: Dragon Slave problems decreased from 110/one hundred eighty/250/320 to 85/a hundred and sixty/235/310
  • Lina: Amount 25 Expertise from +40/4% Fiery Soul to +35/three%
  • Luna: Amount ten Expertise from +15 Movement Speed to +20
  • Luna: Amount 20 Expertise from +ten% Magic Resistance to +15%
  • Lycan: Howl cooldown greater from 55/50/forty five/40 to sixty/55/50/forty five
  • Monkey King: Boundless Strike cooldown decreased from 25 to 22
  • Monkey King: Wukong’s Command Attack Interval improved from one.six to one.4
  • Morphling: Base Attack Time improved from one.55 to one.5
  • Naga Siren: Base overall health regen greater from .5 to one.5
  • Nightstalker: Base Intelligence decreased from sixteen to 13
  • Nightstalker: Hunter In The Evening cooldown greater from 26/22/eighteen/14 to thirty/26/22/eighteen
  • Nyx Assassin: Movement Speed decreased from 305 to 300
  • Ogre Magi: Amount 15 Expertise greater from +8% Magic Resistance to +twelve%
  • Ogre Magi: Amount 20 Expertise greater from +250 Wellbeing to +350
  • Ogre Magi: Amount 20 Expertise greater from +25 Movement Speed to +thirty
  • Phantom Lancer: Agility gain greater from two.six to two.8
  • Phoenix: Amount ten Expertise from +175 Wellbeing to +200
  • Puck: Base Armor decreased by one
  • Pugna: Amount 25 Expertise greater from +one hundred fifty Nether Blast Damage to +200
  • Queen of Soreness: Base Damage decreased by 4
  • Queen of Soreness: Amount 25 Spell Lifesteal decreased from 70% to sixty%
  • Razor: Agility gain decreased from two. to one.8
  • Sand King: Caustic Finale timer problems from forty five/sixty five/85/110 to 20/50/eighty/110
  • Shadow Demon: Base Power greater from 19 to 21
  • Shadow Demon: Demonic Purge cooldown decreased from 50 to 40
  • Sniper: Agility gain greater from two.5 to two.seven
  • Spectre: Base Power greater from 19 to 20
  • Spectre: Amount 15 Expertise from +20 Movement Speed to +25
  • Sven: Warcry cooldown greater from 32/26/20/14 to 34/28/22/sixteen
  • Little: Toss can now throw models to Spell Immune enemies
  • Venomancer: Power gain decreased from two.15 to one.9
  • Visage: Grave Chill mana price decreased from a hundred to 90
  • Windranger: Windrun manacost decreased from 75 to sixty
  • Wintertime Wyvern: Chilly Embrace base overall health regen greater from 20 to 25
  • Wintertime Wyvern: Arctic Burn gradual greater from 19/26/33/40% to 22/28/34/40%

Of the over record, other notable adjustments include Naga Siren’s overall health regen tripling and the price of Veil of Discord heading up by a hundred gold (the product raises magic problems received when cast on a group of enemies and performed a considerable roll in many of the TI7 qualifying matches around the previous thirty day period).

In addition, Queen of Soreness and Clockwork, two of the most relied on heroes in recent tournaments, also acquired nerfed. Patch seven.06 was released in mid-Could and Valve has been fantastic-tuning it at any time given that, with seven.06e possible to be the previous key overhaul for now.

With roster of teams competing in TI7’s principal occasion finalized, it’ll be intriguing to see how teams modify their tactics around the subsequent thirty day period, if at all. Established to start August seven, the Valve-sponsored event’s prize pool has by now crossed the $20 million mark, so any of the adjustments over could practically conclusion up costing teams a fortune.

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