Vermilion City Guide And Walkthrough

Vermilion City Guide And Walkthrough

Vermilion City is the place you have to be after you’re done with both Brock’s and Misty’s gyms.

This is where you’ll find the third gym in Pokemon Let’s Go and they’re lightning-type.

Here’s a brief guide and walkthrough of Vermilion City in Pokemon Let’s Go.

These are some of the things you can check out.


1. Trade your Geodude

Just like you could trade your Rattata back in Cerulean City, you can trade your Geodude in Vermilion.

Get to the Pokemon Center and talk to this camper dude on the left side of the building.

pokemon let's go vermilion city walkthrough

He will offer to trade his Geodude for yours. His Geodude is actually Alolan, which means it not only looks different, but it has different elements from a regular Geodude.

things to do in vermilion city - let's go

If you have extra Geodudes, do trade with him.


2. Get an Eevee Set

This Eevee set is merely cosmetic in nature, but it’s really cool to dress up like your own Pokemon.

There’ll be a house where you’ll find a Pokemon collector. Talk to this gentlemen shown in the image below.

pokemon let's go where to go in vermilion city

Listen to him talk about his Pokemon and after he’s done, he will give you the Eevee set.

Just get to your inventory to change your appearance.

pokemon let's go vermilion gym


3. Get a free Squirtle

Just as you get to Vermilion City, you should notice a policewoman with a Squirtle.

Talk to her and she will offer to give the Squirtle to you.

However, you need to have at least 60 Pokemon caught so far.

It doesn’t refer to the number of Pokemon you have in your inventory, but the types of Pokemon you have caught.

pokemon let's go vermilion city


4. Talk to this lady

You will find this orange hair lady sitting on a bench between two buildings.

pokemon let's go guide on vermilion city

Talk to her and she’ll ask if you prefer Growlithe or Meowth.

Regardless of what you comment, she’ll give you a Pokemon if you can bring her five Meowths (for Eevee version) or five Growlithes (for Pikachu version).

You can find them in one of the earlier routes in the game.


5. Vermilion City Gym

Of course, there’ll be a gym in Vermilion City where you probably have to defeat lightning-type Pokemon.

However, you need to cut through this “tree” first. In order to get the chopping skill, you need to go onboard the S.S. Anne, as explained below.

pokemon let's go vermilion city things to do


6. S.S. Anne

The S.S. Anne is a ship and you would have gotten a ticket from it much earlier in the game.

Talk to the sailor and he will let you in.

pokemon let's go vermilion city guide

As you get in, there are plenty of rooms, which means plenty of trainers to fight and items to loot. You will also battle your rival on the ship.

Right at the highest point of the ship is the captain’s room. Talk to him to learn the chopping down skill.

pokemon let's go vermilion city attractions


7. Loot items

There are a couple of areas in Vermilion City where you can just pick up items.

pokemon let's go vermilion city walkthrough and guide

pokemon let's go vermilion city guide and things to do

Sometimes your Pokemon will find the item, and you have to talk to your Pokemon to obtain it, like this Pretty Wing.

Hopefully this guide or walkthrough has been helpful.


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