Vermilion City Gym Guide (Lt. Surge)

Pokemon Let’s Go is similar to the oldest Pokemon games on the Nintendo Game Boy back then, in terms of story and gameplay.

Likewise, you will have to battle Lt. Surge as the gym owner in Vermilion City and he uses electric-type Pokemon.

Here’s a guide on the Vermilion City gym and how to defeat Lt. Surge to get the Thunder Badge.

pokemon let's go vermilion city gym

Before you can even enter the gym, you need to cut down a tree that’s blocking the way.

This means your Pokemon has to first learn the chop down skill. You can obtain the skill from the captain on the S.S. Anne ship.


Battle the trainers

Before you can get to Lt. Surge, you need to defeat all three of the trainers shown below.

pokemon let's go thunder badge gym

They will all use electric-type Pokemon, so try to use ground or rock Pokemon.

Otherwise, you can just stick to Eevee. My Eevee learnt the fire skill from a gentleman in a Pokemon Center in Cerulean.

It comes in handy against Pokemon like Magnemite that is partially steel-type.

pokemon let's go how to defeat lt surge

Name of trainer Pokemon Rewards
Sailor Dwayne Magnemite (level 22) 1,320 yen
Rocker Baily Voltorb (level 22)

Voltorb (level 22)

616 yen
Gentleman Tucker Pikachu (level 22) 2,640 yen


Get rid of the electric bars

After defeating all of the trainers, you still need to deactivate the electric bars stopping you from meeting Lt. Surge.

In order to do so, you need to push two switches, which simply means interacting with the bin.

As you can see, there are plenty of bins below.

pokemon let's go vermilion city gym guide

The first bin to interact with is shown in the image below.

pokemon let's go thunder badge gym guide and walktrhough

The second bin is the one below. You need to do it in the right order.

pokemon let's go vermilion gym guide

The electricity will disappear and you can now challenge Lt. Surge.


Beat Lt. Surge

Lt. Surge uses three Pokemon. They are all pretty strong, so you should at least pack some super potions.

Even though Raichu’s thunderbolt wasn’t effective against Ivysaur, it still dealt a good damage. You may want to heal in between.

pokemon let's go how to beat lt surge thunder gym

Name of trainer Pokemon Rewards
Lt. Surge Voltorb (level 25)

Raichu (level 26)

Magnemite (level 25)

4,160 yen

Thunder Badge

Lt. Surge’s Autograph

TM36 Thunderbolt

pokemon let's go vermilion city gym walkthrough

After defeating him, you will get the Thunder Badge, the Thunderbolt skill and some other stuff.

Hopefully this guide and walkthrough on defeating Lt. Surge is helpful.


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