We Played 3 Hours Of Fallout 76

We Played 3 Hours Of Fallout 76

We Played 3 Hours Of Fallout 76

Jean-Luc and Alessandro went to West Virginia to play Fallout 76 and tell you what its like to play a Bethesda game with other people.

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GameSpot - 11 months ago

How does Fallout 76 look to you?

Superstar Roundhouse - 11 months ago

Sounds like this is teso chat

Ison Reign - 11 months ago

im ok, thanks anyway

Ison Reign - 11 months ago

Gotta love the douchebags in the comments gripping onto the thought that this game is going to be good lmao every true fallout fan knows that fallout 4 was mediocre and 76 is is the cherry on the top.

Gold London - 11 months ago

For everyone whining…I understand how you feel. Just think of this game as an experiment! Instead of 76 being apart of the Fallout series think of it as its own game. Bethesda wanted to experiment with new ideas, such as, the new water, food, and disease control system, how you can use VATS in a different way (for future games probably), taking pictures and using them as loading screens, and multiple players of course. Not only that but it gives them great feedback on what people crave for and don’t want for future games. Lastly (still going off the same topic of good feedback), if Bethesda decides to make a Fallout 5 it might even be greater than New Vegas because of all the feedback from Fallout 4 and 76. Of course this is just my way of thinking…still I hope it helps some people change their thoughts about the game.

Leudwig C - 11 months ago

I was worried that this game was not going to hit the mark but from what I'm watching this game looks like they did everything right I cannot wait.

Samuel Parker - 11 months ago

I’d of rather them just rereleased fallout 4 coop. I would love to play multiplayer but no npcs? Wtf are you supposed to do?

Walflower - 11 months ago

Why can’t they prep some upcoming DLC’s OMG ATTACK ON TITTAN 3:49
anyway ADD aside, hopping for the full release the full game to show more than the first 3 hours

Vaporize Jello - 11 months ago

Looks worse than I imagined. And I didn't expect much….

Brainless - 11 months ago

when i watched the expplosion the "invite to party" had a whole new meaning, with all the party hats goin arround…

Yung Lyun - 11 months ago

Thank you guys for the information. I was worried about the PvP interaction; if the game would lean heavily on PvP and sprinkle a small amount of PvE on top (for ol'time sake). I don't want to be trolled while being immersed in game.

Was there a way to repair weapons and armor? If so, was it with crafting materials or through a NPC?

God The Band - 11 months ago


Berry Bathwater - 11 months ago

More Pipe Pistols?!!! Ok that's it i'm totally in now

Pip Girl - 11 months ago

So it's fallout without everything good about fallout. Cool

Pip Girl - 11 months ago

I'll but it when everyone who pre-ordered it sells it for $10 online.

Nícolas de Andrade - 11 months ago

I dont know why people hate it, Interplay always wanted an Fallout Online; aren't you a "old school" gamer that think the originals were good? That the original creator is right? Stfu bro.

but really, $60 bethesda? cmon

Xx_ lamperd_xX - 11 months ago

Wish I could hear the songs

alukea - 11 months ago

It doesn't look like its 4 times bigger than fallout 4

Lagerwelt - 11 months ago

I'm back in

kassiedegrote - 11 months ago

For like a gamejournalist this guy on the, like left, sure says like, like ALOT. I dont like that at all. Youre supposed to be like, good with words and the like!

SuicidelG - 11 months ago

Modders could've done this…

Anthony Cima - 11 months ago

It’s good to see Rorie’s son finally getting some screen time.

JaekSean - 11 months ago

I really hope there are super mutants or scorched who aren't hostile. Like a community of them we can trade with and get quests from. An entire game of just notes and holotapes seems like it could get boring after a while, especially if you're playing the game solo

Contact Info - 11 months ago

No rpg and a cash grab.

Contact Info - 11 months ago


Contact Info - 11 months ago


Marko Jovanovic - 11 months ago

So this is basically Borderlands?

dave thomas - 11 months ago

You guys don't seem that impressed. Was it really that bad?

Morti Finkenbein - 11 months ago

Guys, please stop abusing the word 'like'! You even said '… sort of like …' . Why are you abusing your native language and mutate it into something irrational and dumb?

Edel Waffe - 11 months ago

My main worry is that the game isn't going to be hard enough and will slowly just get more and more easier when you level up.

Bjorn Ironsides - 11 months ago

I have friends, but they won't be playing this on the same platform most likely. Anyone know if you need gold/psplus to join people like Destiny required?

Jason Randle - 11 months ago

I think you need to approach this game as a fundamentally different experience. This is more an experience for those who like to explore, craft, and loot. Its not a traditional Fallout experience…I do think its overpriced for what it is though…maybe Bethesda is putting this out to get time to overhaul the more traditional FO experience… about time to retire the old engine and launch Fallout as a soft reboot

Hsutheguard - 11 months ago

alright, the graphics are not great

Snoozecoop™ - 11 months ago

Looks boring.

kam grus - 11 months ago

This lvl restrictions bugs me a little. I think games like that should ALWAYS allows you to use any weapon. But you would do that VERY badly… Even to the point when it feels like it is useless to use it. I think it is so much more natural.

MrBodies07 - 11 months ago

You're not looking for your dad. You're not looking for your son. You're looking for the Overseer. The story felt a lot more personal…..

Mmmmh. Kay.

nick Smith - 10 months ago

no what do they think this would be a fun game? try something new sure, how ever they may lose theirs cliants intrest and potential intrest. i feel like the days of people buying games blindly are gone. i dont care who you pay to revue this game its not going to sell very well. if you have stocks with them i sujest pulling it on the day of the release and put it back in right before the next elderscrolls. provided they wont delay it too much longer.

Tom Jones - 10 months ago

I really dont think its FALLOUT 4.. no no no.. Like some of you others, Not interested in this game.. SAD FACE!! : (

T L - 10 months ago

Oh my that game looks ugly 🙁

Prototype 81 - 10 months ago

These major outlets are like talking parrots spouting ad verbatim. The game is a trashy cashgrab, this is coming from a former long time fan of bethesda. No more.

U TooB - 9 months ago


Bravilor - 8 months ago

Yeah the unruly feral golfer ghouls. Four of which I have yet to find after 100 hours.

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