We Saw an Hour Demo of Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2018

We Saw an Hour Demo of Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2018

We Saw an Hour Demo of Cyberpunk 2077 | E3 2018

Mike, Jake, Ed, and Alessandro discuss what they saw in a fifty minute demo of Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red’s next RPG.

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Valevma - last year

Again, what about people that get motion sick from first person perspective?

R S - last year

where is the gameplay?

sinkiy - last year

I wanna see a demo. We're humans too!!

Corn - last year

The mega buildings sound exactly like the buildings in dredd…hype

Andyamo46 - last year

Hope they dont downgrade it cause of the consoles

Apidooom - last year

Pretty much like Dredd?

Jens9807 - last year

title: 1 hour demo
Description: 50 mins

Clickbait much?

Shay Neary - last year

I've really preferred Gamespot's style of coverage over IGN's this E3

Tiago Souza - last year

Does this game run on the same engine as The Witcher 3?

AmericanEgg - last year

I will eat my shoe if this game comes out in 2020.

patrick pitz - last year

be cool if there were easter eggs for all these other punk futuristic fantasy worlds that people have been mentioning and one i thought of when they mentioned mega building like structured with vendors and a whole ecosystem, Judge dredd.

Corey Casciano - last year

I have such a small stupid gripe but if it has a dashboard view in the car I really hope when you turn the wheel it's realistic and it actually turns, the game I think that has the most realistic driving physics to me are midnight club Los Angeles and driver San Francisco, both games have complete turning on the steering wheel

turbomunch - last year

so odd only certain people get to see the demo…. the whole point of E3 is to see gameplay….

Abraham Lincoln23 - last year

Yeah just ignore the fact that some people get motion sickness well playing games in first-person.

True Christian - last year

Who cares what some random (or any, for that matter) Gamespot employees think? Where is a link to the direct footage of the demo? We don't need industry media telling us hearsay about what we should think. We can watch the demo for ourselves and make our own judgements. So why is it being hidden from the public?

Starbuck - last year

I can't help but feel this video was released to rub our noses in the fact that we aren't privileged enough to see the demo.

Very Doge - last year

This closed door crap is so annoying. E3 had a lot of meh moments and this could've been the one defying moment XD

Titan Slayer - last year

They speak. And don't show the gameplay.

Craig - last year

Are these guys real gamers? They don’t seem like real gamers.

Vin F - last year

Sounds like they are almost expressing the game to be like a VR game because of the first person perspective. With the first person mode you get a sense of being that character poking and prying at emotions and making you feel like you are truly that character. I'm thoroughly excited!

David Davtyan - last year

More like 'we talk about how we saw cyberpunk'

SeanBI - last year

I’m getting red dead 2 and hopefully when I’m done with that this will be out

radiobox - last year

It's great to hear insight like this in a non-pretentious format. Thanks!

TheElement911 - last year

I really would love it to be third-person. Leave first-person for shooters please

Antwone Madison - last year

Keep the change you filthy animals

shahrim ahmad - last year

After this game is released there is going to be a new award called Game of the Century.
@CDProjektRed achievement unlocked : Planetary scale hype.

thegantz87 - last year

This will come out in 2020. That I’m very sure

Cuban Nerd - last year

I would recommend you guys to do some research about the genre before you go into demos of games like these. You are stuck with the noir tones of blade runner but there's much more than that in the cyber punk/dystopia genre.

Robert Menegazzi - last year

Where's the fucking gameplay? All I'm hearing is GTA clone with sci-fi skin, not a bad concept but where's the proof of concept?

Sofean Sheko - last year


Renan_PS - last year

I'm watching tons of people talking about that gameplay so that I can have exactly the entire gameplay in my head and stay more hyped than ever for that game

Renan_PS - last year

Basically everybody is sad with the first person camera because they want the witcher 4, but this is not the witcher 4, Projekt red can also do another games, and they are doing this masterpiece called Cyberpunk 2077 very different from the witcher but as good as.

Renan_PS - last year

My character is going to have all points in "cool" there's no better stat

Bryan Everitt - last year

When you guys talk about tropes like a bunch of freshman year film majors, it’s really difficult to take you seriously. Any tenured storyteller will tell you that tropes are not inherently negative. You’re better than this. Please be better than this.

Jason L - last year

Can you fly around the city?

Charlie Burrows - last year

Like, totally like, really like..like like…like..like….yeah, I love articulate people

Ralph Warom - last year

The next Duece Ex is going to have to way up up up its game XD

fireinthedust - last year

I at least want to be able to see my character, when I'm putting on gear or outfits, what have you. I do like 3rd person, as I can at least look around myself. Running around in 1st person Doom style, I find it hard to "check my six", if that makes sense.

Mettle Gaming - last year

post the actually demo scrub

Axel88 Er - last year

Soooo this or next gen? 🙂

Dennis Tha Funkee Foureyed Freak - last year

Oh yes! I love watching 12 minutes of conversation about the demo of this game! Keep it up!

Robert Benz - last year

Thanks Guys

Vilver II - last year

Why aren’t they show us this yet?

ckbs1 - last year

Other people have said it, but your casual conversation format really works. I think it prompts a thorough analysis/personal perception of what you saw which stands out when contrasted amongst the other opinions.

Decima - last year

I hope they fucking show the gameplay demo to public and not behind the closed door at gamescom 2018

Phi & Sigma - last year

I'm looking forward to the first person aspect

4EverKELZ - last year

So CD Projekt Red, can you mail your boy a copy of CyberPunk 2077, PLEASE?!?!?!? I said PLEASE

rainbowsixODST - last year

Fuck all of you, you POS! …I’m so jealous…😭😭😭

those message wasn't that old - last year

it's a 1st person game tho…bumer..deal killer

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