What's New With Forza Horizon 4's Open World

What’s New With Forza Horizon 4’s Open World

What’s New With Forza Horizon 4’s Open World

There’s a lot to see in Forza Horizon 4’s new open world. Alessandro and David from GameSpot spent some time talking about the highlights from their recent session with the game.

GameSpot - 9 months ago

Is the United Kingdom the most exciting setting yet for the Horizon series? If not, where would you like to see next?

Samoht LP - 9 months ago

yea yea hell yea… cant wait

TeaCup Pig - 9 months ago

So much enthusiasm talking about this game 😒

Dr Adam - 9 months ago

Xbox graphics are looks really shit, My PC are way better Lmaooo

DDSLIVE need for speed - 9 months ago

No way that's Bugatti chiron

StreetScene Videos - 9 months ago

It's Forza not fortsa….. Quit playing fortnite hahaha

Wayne - 9 months ago

are there many castles in Eden-burg? lmaooooooooo

RockingOrange - 9 months ago

Can't wait for that open world game Playground games are making!

Ohioisonfire - 9 months ago

What's the name of the song playing? Sounds like something from Marshmello

Pedro Magalhaes - 9 months ago

Gran Turismo meets The Sims = Forza Horizon 4

o0260o - 9 months ago

"racing simulator" as a car flies 100 feet in the air

Rebels r We - 9 months ago

Take a short for every uh you hear…..you be dead 2 minutes in

PaulDoezGaming - 9 months ago

Man to me, this game looks like the same thing as three

Fredster - 9 months ago

huge downgrade compared to the e3 trailer

Danny in SoCal - 9 months ago

This looks amazing

Danny in SoCal - 9 months ago

PC version available?

Sohail Nathan - 9 months ago

Is it just me or 2014's Driveclub looks better!

It'sAlexForShort - 9 months ago

The one game I’m genuinely thinking of buying the ultimate edition

Tedahwooga - 9 months ago

What happened to the dynamic headlight shadows????

Mahmoud Radwan - 9 months ago


javidgt8 - 9 months ago


Daniel Devora - 9 months ago

Same game every other year yawn

Alex R - 9 months ago


THE K.B EFFECT - 9 months ago

looks boring this year

Luke Birrell - 9 months ago


Water 8962 - 9 months ago

Because in the UK its normal to drive off road an through fences…

James Boyce - 9 months ago

What's new about this copy and paste cash grab! NOTHING!

Marcus wollin - 9 months ago

Typical americans not knowing anything about anything in any other country in the world lol. Americans you funny lmao.

David Ahmadi - 9 months ago

GREAT BRITAIN – don't worry. I hear you <3

NotMe - 9 months ago

If i dont want to fly ofer the hills and fences with 300kmh , if i dont want to cut the map ! Should i still buying it? I just want to race on the road not outside of it!

wellbornwinter6 - 9 months ago

where is the new stuff as the title say we already have seen that all in FH3?

Buzz Buzz - 9 months ago

You had to use that shitty opening song didn't you

And the map isn't England ffs


Hassina Ahmadi - 9 months ago

What a sweet voice, l like it 😍

Scathing Lemon - 9 months ago

As far as were considered over here, England = UK. We don’t really acknowledge your separate countries in casual conversation and we just call the whole area “England”. Stupid but it happens a lot.

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