World of Demons wants to bring full-fledged combat to touchscreens – VG247

World of Demons wants to bring full-fledged combat to touchscreens - VG247

By Marshall Lemon,
Monday, 28 May 2018 20:56 GMT

With World of Demons, PlatinumGames’ goal is to bring the smooth combat and movement of traditional action games to the standard smartphone touchscreen.

Smartphone games are great fun, but they can have drawbacks, especially when you’re designing action games. Combat systems are hard enough to perfect with tactile buttons at your disposal, but touchscreens provide a completely different experience rarely suited to fast-paced battles. Outside of a few rare exceptions like Infinity Blade, most developers opt to explore other genres for mobile markets instead.

Enter PlatinumGames, a studio that has lived and breathed action games since 2007. For three years, Platinum has been working with DeNA on a free-to-play mobile game called World of Demons which it hopes will be action-packed and easy to grasp on standard mobile touchscreens.

“When you have a controller for console you have a lot of inputs that you can work with, so you can get all sorts of controls into the game,” World of Demons creative director Masaki Yamanaka told IGN. “But when you have just one finger and a touchscreen, instead of lots of buttons, you have to design the game around that.”

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