Google’s Bipedal Robot is a must see!

The age of robots is finally upon us! Fear not though, Google’s new humanoid robot kind of looks like WALL-E and just might be man’s next best friend.

Google Schaft robotics recently introduced its bipedal robot to the world and it’s pretty amazing. At the New Economic Conference in Tokyo, participants were able to watch a short video which showcased the robots ability of handling a variety of surfaces and even removing obstacles with human like ease.

This little guy made its way across a sandy beach, snow and even a staircase all while carrying a heavy load. Pretty neat right? Better still, Google has plans to commercialize it in the near future. The implications are enormous and would mean the start of a new wave of human assistance.

Just think, in five or ten years seeing this robots walking around will be as commonplace as someone walking their dog. I guess we can but wait.


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