Here’s How The U.S Employed ‘Robot Cats’ To Spy On Russia

In completely bizarre information, the U.S utilised cats to spy on Soviet Russia throughout the Cold War and how they did it is absolutely crazy.

I’ve heard of a several disturbing strategies in which countries have spied on many others in the earlier, but this 1 is definitely 1 of the weirdest….

It type of sounds like something from that odd Cats and Canines film in 2001 – bear in mind that? – and it is potentially 1 of the strangest solutions of espionage in war historical past.

It sounds like we’re producing it up, but there is an precise CIA memo documenting the entire nuts idea…

Even a lot more disturbingly, it included hacking cats up type of nazi-experiment fashion – sorry to deliver a morbid tone to the bash – and turning them into ‘robocats.’

The entire gruesome technique included American spy agents reducing open up a cat and inserted spy equipment into its physique – all the way from its tail to its chest.

Like something out of Frankenstein, the cat’s tail was utilised as an antenna, with a wire working down its spine to a microphone in its ear and a battery pack positioned in its chest cavity.

You’d think this is some type of drug fuelled lie, but there are declassified paperwork, outlining how ‘pioneering’ experts were counseled for reducing open up cats, in a bid to spy on their Russian enemies.

The entire ghastly task was named ‘Project Acoustic Kitty, and £10 million lbs were invested in it for five yrs in the 1960s, as the American authorities endeavoured to create this hideous new spying technique.

Thankfully, the creepy task was never in fact commissioned and place into apply, but it has now occur to gentle the moment again, as WikiLeaks tweeted in reference to this grim piece of research, as nicely as the archived CIA memos which resurfaced in 2001.

Victor Marchetti, a previous CIA officer revealed to the Telegraph in the calendar year their monstrous creations were made.

He reported:

They slit the cat open up, place batteries in him, wired him up.
They made a monstrosity. They tested him and tested him.

Disturbingly, it looks the CIA weren’t phases by their ghoulish use of cats in this way, rather the opposite in fact and as a substitute observed it as a ‘remarkable scientific achievement.’

The doc examine:

The work done on this issue in excess of the yrs reflects fantastic credit on the personnel who guided it.

This is quite sickening stuff.

Envision your cat wired up in that system? Gross. Those people very poor cats definitely did not have the cream…


The Telegraph


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